10 Cool NFT Avatars for the Metaverse

Using your social media profile picture as a character in a virtual world

Since the launch of Hashmasks and the success of Bored Ape Yacht Club, profile picture NFTs have been the hottest craze in the metaverse. However, they only become truly useful when using that character inside a virtual world. That’s why we take a look at 10 NFT avatars that you can use in the metaverse.

Before we dive deeper into this, it’s important to know that often there’s some technical knowledge required to make your profile picture NFT into one of those cool metaverse avatars. In many cases owning an NFT gives you access to downloadable files, these will need to be imported into a particular piece of software. Maybe you even need to convert them. Every NFT project should have a step-by-step guide available to help you through this process. With this fair warning out of the way, let’s dive into our list of the 10 best NFT avatars for the metaverse.

Bored Ape Yacht Club

Let’s just start with the most popular NFT collection on the market, Bored Ape Yacht Club. Even though these NFTs are now simple flat images, the team will soon drop 3D modeled avatars to all NFT holders. That means you can use your ape in any compatible virtual world, while the Bored Ape team is also working on their own game in collaboration with Animoca Brands.


The CloneX avatars by RTFKT Studios aren’t in the same price range as Bored Apes yet, but these are part of the Nike empire. RTFKT already dropped a virtual room NFT to Clone holders and will soon enable the ability to import your clone into a virtual world. RTFKT has many more plans for the clones, involving fashion and the metaverse.


The Gala Games ecosystem is well-positioned to become a dominant force, and the role of their Vox avatars is quite remarkable. At the moment, every Vox can be used in a custom virtual world, which Simcity creator Will Wright will now take over to make it a lot more fun. While Vox avatars also have some utility inside games in the Gala Games ecosystem, for example boosting daily earnings in Town Star. To top things off, owners can soon export a 3D file of their Vox and use this in various other virtual worlds.

Fluf World

Similar to other NFT avatars in this list, the bunnies from Fluf World allow the owners to walk around the various virtual worlds. The Flufs will be made for both voxel virtual worlds and worlds that support industry-standard VRM files. The team has already introduced Thingies, a type of pet. In addition, they will allow Flufs to make Fluflets. More importantly, these avatars will be integrated with various games, there are DeFi options for passive income and the team will organize regular virtual parties. 


Made by the team behind the Metakey NFT collection comes the Metakrew. Most likely the collection with the lowest price of all. At the moment Metakrew is just a profile picture, but the team is working on finalizing the 3D avatars for virtual worlds. Furthermore, the NFTs will become usable in an upcoming game, even though that project is still in early development. 

Crypto Avatars

Crypto Avatars isn’t an NFT collection by definition, it’s a company that created custom NFT avatars. They do this in collaboration with artists, communities, and other creatives. They are also the team behind the upcoming Bored Ape avatars. If you’re looking for a custom avatar, completely tailored to your liking and you got to cash for it, Crypto Avatars would be your crew to reach out to. 


Even though Meebits weren’t the first 3D avatars on the market, they did popularize the concept quite a bit. Meebits were distributed for free to CryptoPunks holders. When a Meebit NFT owner goes to the official website, they can download the 3D files for free. This allows them to integrate their Meebit into various virtual worlds. It’s safe to say that Meebits started a trend. 


Don’t mistake the Deadfellaz cartoon zombies for regular JPEGs, because these will become 3D-rigged avatars. The team also invested in various virtual worlds, ranging from The Sandbox to Decentraland and WorldwideWebb. This means that the Deadfellaz community gets a wide range of virtual clubhouses across the metaverse. 

Visitors of Imma Degen

Many projects launch their 3D avatars somewhere in the future, but Visitors of Imma Degen launched as a 3D alien avatar. VOID NFTs can already be used in various virtual worlds, and there’s more to come. The team will soon launch their own token and introduce NFT staking, and the team will update the 3D avatars to introduce facial expressions. 


We end this list with Genies, an avatar project on the Flow blockchain. They have already partnered with many celebrities, and envision that everybody will have one or more avatars on the internet in the future. Everybody can make their own avatars, and dress them up as they like. Interoperability is still very limited, but that’s something that will change down the road.

Those are ten cool NFT avatars to use in the metaverse. Which one is your favorite? Let us know and join us on Discord to become part of the DappRadar Community!

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