10,000 Cat-Ape Mutant Ether Babies are Coming to the Metaverse!

If first impressions truly last, then Mutant Ether Babies NFT Project is in good form to make it big in the NFT Space! The Collection features 10,000 unique mutant species from the mutation of cats and apes DNA living on the Ethereum blockchain. Thanks to its standout concept, design and graphics – the community is continuously growing every day.

Mark your calendars because the public minting is coming up fast! On November 15, 2021, 2:00 PM EST you’ll be able to get your hands to these NFTs described by some NFT vloggers as “the next big thing.”

Mutant Ether Babies NFT Project is serving funky NFTs bundled up with gaming and metaverse utilities! Credit: Mutant Ether Babies

Covering the Basics: Mutant Ether Babies

The Mutant Ether Babies or Mebs are expertly engineered from 340+ traits. Out of the total supply, only 9500 NFTs will be available on the public sale. Meanwhile, the other 500 will be pre-minted and reserved for community-building and utility-related initiatives. 300 Mebs NFTs will go to the gaming wallet, while 200 will be up for grabs via raffles and giveaways.

In terms of aesthetics, the art gives off a very funky vibe. Plus, it fits the mold of where NFT Collectors and enthusiasts usually gravitate to. Based on the sneak peek, the artist took his time to make every character as detailed as possible. For instance, the Mebs NFTs are showing different facial expressions and sporting eye-catching accessories. It was also a good call to make the background plain because it makes the art and colors pop up.

Thanks to its standout concept, design and graphics the project is attracting a strong and organic community. Credit: Mutant Ether Babies

Based on the website, the team behind the project are veterans and experts in the field. Darknite, who takes care of the art and design, has worked with other high-profile artists. The Lead Developer, Doomster, has a Masters Degree in Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence and image processing. Then, admin and programmer Ibraheth is an experienced blockchain and crypto developer.

Utility: Gaming and Metaverse

The flagship utility of the Mebs NFTs is that it will serve as a pass to play the Mebs Subway Game. The team shared some stills of the game and it looks like it is an endless runner game just like Temple Run and Subway Surf. They guarantee that NFT holders will “start earning by playing the game.”

NFT holders can look forward to a Play-to-earn game and full Metaverse Island. Credit: Mutant Ether Babies

Another major move of the project is it will buy land in the Metaverse and build the Mebs Island Mebsverse. Each Mebs holder will be airdropped a 3D version of their Mebs which they can use in the Mebsverse. The goal is to create a space where NFT holders can hang out and display their Collections in the Mebs Gallery. This model follows the best practices of BAYC and Wicked Cranium – both projects surged in popularity because of their exciting club-based perks.

Other Initiatives

The community is also lauding the initiative of the team to prioritize early supporters. As such, the project will not have any pre-minted and whitelisted sales which is a common practice in the NFT space at the moment. Instead, they will give all members fair and equal chances to mint the NFTs.

So far, the Discord channel is filled with various giveaways and raffle promos. Then, once Mutant Ether Babies enters phase 2, the team plans to stage huge weekly buybacks in order to raise the floor price. The project also gave a long-term commitment to support charities by pledging $10,000 monthly donations for six weeks.

If you want to learn more about the project while it’s in the early stages, then you should definitely visit their website. Daily updates are also available on Twitter and Discord!

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