10K Hand-Crafted 3D Collectibles from 1ATH.Studio

IggyBoy NFTs are set to rock the metaverse! This impressive collection of 3D NFTs is the first one from 1ATH.Studio, and is the centerpiece of its upcoming metaverse.

IggyBoy NFTs are launching into the metaverse on Feb 20th!

Less than a month to go until the IggyBoy NFT launch

Each IggyBoy is unique and will have a combination of at least 9 different traits, with a total of 630 possible traits. Notably, in contrast to the majority of 10K NFT collections, each IggyBoy NFT will not be generated by an algorithm. On the contrary, each will be hand-crafted by one of 1ATH.Studio’s 3D designers.

Both the presale and public sale for the IggyBoy NFTs will take place on Feb 20th. The presale begins at 2 pm EST, while the public sale begins at 4 pm EST. During the presale, each NFT will cost 0.055 ETH and minters can get 5 IggyBoys per wallet. On the other hand, the NFTs will be 0.088 ETH each in the public sale, with a limit of 10 IggyBoy NFTs per wallet.

Another key point is that the IggyBoy NFTs may sell out during the presale. This is because there are 10,000 IggyBoys available and up to 2,500 whitelist spots. In other words, if you want to guarantee yourself a chance to mint an IggyBoy you’ll want to make sure you get on the presale list!

Luckily there are a few different ways to make it onto the IggyBoy whitelist. Indeed, 1ATH.Studio is currently in its third stage of direct whitelisting. As of now, hopefuls can get on the list by going to this link. There they will find the tasks they need to complete to get on the whitelist, as well as the conditions for the whitelist.

There are 10 different tasks involving engaging with IggyBoy online, and users will need to complete 7 out of 10 to qualify for the giveaway.

Each IggyBoy is hand-crafted from a total of 630 possible traits.

IggyBoy roadmap includes IggyLady and Symbiosis NFTs

There are already some major plans for the vUniversum metaverse that 1ATH.Studio is building. In fact, while IggyBoys will be the main characters in the vUniversum, they won’t be the only ones!

For example, the team already has plans in place to drop IggyLady NFTs. The 1ATH.Studio roadmap has pegged the launch of these NFTs for sometime before the end of Q2 of 2022.

What’s more, holders of both IggyBoy and IggyLady NFTs will be eligible to receive a third, Symbiosis NFT via airdrop. All of these NFT characters will have roles and benefits in the vUniversum metaverse.

Of course, as holders of the genesis collection, IggyBoy NFT holders will enjoy utilities such as a simplified whitelisting process for future projects, as well as playing a role in shaping the development of the vUniversum metaverse moving forward.

To say nothing of the fact that IggyBoy’s mass adoption partners will be providing additional utilities to some IggyBoy NFT holders. A key point is that the earlier you get an IggyBoy NFT and the longer you hold it, the better chances you have at gaining these utilities.

A group of talented designers and marketing specialists make up the 1ATH.Studio team.

IggyBoy is the genesis collection from 1ATH.Studio

1ATH.Studio is a team of talented designers and marketing specialists who came together to develop a project that would encompass blockchain, NFTs, and the metaverse. To that end, the IggyBoy NFTs are one of the key parts of that journey.

As noted above, IggyBoys will be the main characters in a wide-ranging metaverse from 1ATH.Studio called vUniversum. To explain, this is a metaverse project that 1ATH.Studio has been working on since early 2021. It hopes to launch a beta version of vUniversum between Q3 and Q4 of 2022.

To learn more about IggyBoy and 1ATH.Studio, check out the IggyBoy website, where you can follow some simple steps to get on the project whitelist! And be sure to follow their Twitter and join their large growing Discord community for more project updates and giveaways.

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