2 stunning Crypto Chick NFTs

American actress Eva Longoria joined the Crypto Chicks club purchasing two alter ego avatars to add to her NFT collection.

Eva Longoria joined the Crypto Chick community with this NFT. Credit-Crypto Chicks

Many celebrities have jumped on the NFT craze, with avid NFT supporter Reese Witherspoon buying another NFT from World of Women earlier this week. The Young and The Restless star Eva Longoria is another famous actress to join the club. She made the forward-thinking decision of investing in Crypto Chicks, the female-oriented NFT collection storming the market. Longoria tweeted her purchase, seemingly excited about her new additions to the collections.

Crypto Chicks was the first-ever female avatar collection on OpenSea in May 2021. They created Crypto Chicks to highlight the importance of women in the crypto space and reflect the uniqueness and individuality of women. The girls can sport a multitude of features and live on the Ethereum blockchain.

Eva Longoria purchased the NFTs of two girls from the collection. One is wearing a bucket hat, hooped earrings, and a face tattoo. Following that, the other has cute hair buns and gold lipstick, a fine choice from Longoria. Many Twitter users have been welcoming her to the Crypto Chick community.

Crypto Chicks, the first generation, was created by artist Ms. Polly who designs digital art of unique women. The floor price of one of these girls at the time of writing is 10 ETH, which is over $30,000 per item. The artwork may scream different messages to different people, but they definitely prove that women can make money in NFTs.

In conclusion, Longoria made a fantastic decision with her new pairing NFT Crypto Chicks. With these two girls firmly under her wing, hopefully, she will add more to her collection shortly.

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