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Early Access for 2112 launches today.  This project has a massive Metaverse HQ following and support.  It also has big influencers including TropoFarmer on the team. There are some interesting dynamics in the bundles and how they will be available:

  • Standard (7060) 0.2112Ξ – a Standard rarity Land will be obtained, with a 2% chance of getting a Rare rarity one.
  • Rare (3000) 0.6Ξ  – a Rare rarity Land will be obtained, with a 2% chance of getting an Epic rarity one.
  • Epic (500) 1.2Ξ – an Epic rarity Land will be obtained, with a 2% chance of getting a Legendary 1/1 rarity one.

2112.run‘s Genesis Collection features 10560 procedurally generated NFTs, the Cryptorunners. These are distributed into five different factions, each having different tailor-made base models, traits, and variations, creating a whole new level of variety within generative projects. All the displayed avatars have been programmatically generated and are currently a work in progress.

Transmedia Narrative #NFT project set in an emerging #cyberpunk universe shaped by the community. Join us at discord.gg/2112run

The Makers

Punks are mostly lower-class, disillusioned, angry young runners, raised in a world of scarcity. The disparity in wealth, the lack of hope, and the overall decay of society have led the Punks to understand one thing: this game is rigged, the system is corrupt, and will never change. The only alternative is to run it to the ground and build it up from there.

The Guild

The Guild is the biggest criminal organization on the planet, with chapters and businesses all over the globe. Guild Runners are usually raised and trained since very young to become part of the organization. In exchange for an oath of unyielding loyalty, the Guild promises luxury and comfort to only the best of the best.

The Corporations

In the not-so-distant future, the aftermath of several world-changing events has transformed life as we know it. From the chaos of this dying world, five mega-corporations have risen to the top, pushing humanity and technology to new limits. While they sell their products and services to people and the economic and social disparity skyrockets, they weave complex and fragile alliances with each other and scheme to achieve control over humanity.

The Cyphers

Cyphers are Cryptorunners that are in contact, through complex encoded messages, with beings who claim to be from a mysterious planet called Syrinx. These runners are required to modify their bodies in order to be more efficient at decoding the messages. Cyphers believe they are “above humankind” and will do their best to unveil the mysteries of the Syrinx.

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