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The Mad Pups are collaborating with 6 incredible female artists on Nifty Gateway.

International Women’s Day is a global event held each March 8th and is intended to celebrate the many achievements of women throughout all walks of life. This Mad Pups drop showcases the work of six female photographers as we look to celebrate the achievements of women in the arts.

The drop features four drawings, three ranked auctions, and three open editions. Each of the pieces will be available for 24 hours, beginning at 6:00pm EST on March 8th. Each of the drawings will require a Pups Pass for access. If you do not yet have a Pups Pass, you can acquire one here. The ranked auctions and open editions are available to the general public.

About the NFT Artists


Monaris is a photographer with a passion for visual storytelling. As an Adobe Lightroom and Sony Ambassador, she has developed a distinct creative style focused on composition and color theory that lives to transform brief instances of reality into movie-like scenes. She has partnered with some of the world’s most prominent brands. Her debut book, ‘Momentos’ was published by Setanta Books in 2021.

Julie Pacino

Julie Pacino is a top female photographer in the NFT space. Her photography genesis collection, I Live Here Now, is the first NFT native IP to inspire a feature film.
She was chosen as an artist in the TIMEPieces “Build a Better Future: Genesis” NFT collection.
In 2022, Julie’s most recent NFT project, Keepers of the Inn, became the first NFT collection to ever fully finance a feature film and is the largest single artist collection of NFT photography ever sell out.
Julie is actively advocating for the involvement of female filmmakers in this exciting and emerging space. With women only accounting for 5% of total sales generated in NFTs, she has launched a grant for female filmmakers to help on-board more women into the space.
Julie is committed to bringing more visibility to women and the LGBTQIA+ community in crypto and NFTs. She has started an NFT fund called Cult of Pink, that will exclusively purchase female and LGTBQIA+ art, specifically from creators who have yet to sell any artwork.


Misshattan is a fine art photographer, director + official canon ambassador based in NYC.
After leaving her corporate job in finance 7 years ago to pursue her passion for photography, Misshattan consistently creates inspiring imagery by blending her love for aerial perspectives and exciting destinations, forming an inspiring sensory experience.

Marilyn Hue

Marilyn Hue is a multidisciplinary artist/photographer based in Los Angeles. Her art emphasizes the different sides of her personality and draws inspiration from her life experiences. Using her skills as a photographer, designer, and producer, she creates the visions she sees in her head.
Marilyn is known for female portraits, streetwear odes, and collaborations with brands/artists. She’s has features on Hulu, Hypebeast, Forbes, Nike, Adidas, Samsung, Apple, Fader, Dazed, and Billboard.

Gabriela Gabrielaa

Gabriela is a Latina New York City based artist. She has been taking photographs of people and places since she was 11 years old. Her passion comes from images that illustrate beautiful stories. She provides her subject with the space they need to embrace and celebrate the most important part of themselves.

Kelsey J.

Kelsey is a travel photographer and model based in Seattle, WA. Her fine art photography focuses on conceptual self-portraits in nature, often including herself within her images as she photographs some of the furthest reaching corners of the planet. Her work blends elements of fantasy and reality, intended to encourage the viewer to create their own magic out of life. Kelsey’s commercial clients include Canon, Jeep, and Conde Nast, and her work has amassed a social media following of over half a million.

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