90’s NOW- The Royalty Share NFT Collection From FRESHA

With over 30 years of experience as legendary 90’s dance music labels, Fresh and Freskanova have decided to combine their musical excellence to propel themselves into Web3 stardom. The combined new NFT label is called FRESHA, which will be inaugurating itself onto the blockchain through the launch of a ’90’s NOW’ Royalty Share NFT collection.

Through using the illustrious success of its founding labels, who collectively, and through their partnerships with the likes of Sony, Disney, Warner, Universal Music, and many more, produced 18 UK Top 40 Hits (which made Chart No1’s and Radio A Lists), FRESHA’s NFT endeavour seeks to transport Web3-come-dance enthusiasts back in time, to the rave-galore, pre-millennial golden age of British dance music.

The Collection and Drop 

The 90’s NOW’ Royalty Share NFT collection will drop on OpenSea on the 25th of March. There are 14 asset types in all, which are predominantly made up of the following eight hit singles from the Fresh and Freskanova Labels: Strike’s ‘U Sure Do,’ ‘My Love is 4 Real,’ and ‘I Have Peace,’ Lovestation’s ‘Teardrops’ and ‘Love Come Rescue Me,’ Electrotheque’s ‘Every 1’s A Winner,’ Serious Danger’s ‘Deeper,’ and Mr Roy’s ‘Something About You’.

It will also feature four NFTs based on ‘The Freestylers,’ including two on their classic albums ‘We Rock Hard,’ and ‘Pressure Point,’ and two on their hit singles, ‘B Boy Stance’ and ‘Ruffneck’. In addition, there will be two NFTs which each depict the Fresh and Freskanova labels. 

There will be 100 NFT editions for each track, and as their Royalty Share name suggests, the collection as a whole will render a 15% share in the label’s income for its holders (for ten years), which includes revenue from streaming, licensing, and other merchandise-related royalties. 

Road Ahead

FRESHA have a smash hit NFT release schedule penned in for 2022, which mainly includes the cultivation of more major dance floor classics into Royalty Share NFTs.

All in all, the label plans to drop seven NFT collections this year, with dance floor icons Lu Lu, D Disko, Wildcat, and Roma said to be amongst the digital dance floor action.

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