A deeply engaging music management simulation game

Blockstars, a play-to-earn (P2E) music management simulation game, will be launching on the Solana blockchain soon. The Foundation Collection will drop on Feb 5 2022, 8:00 PM UTC. This collection features 110 Origin Series Blockstars and 9,890 Foundation Series Blockstars. The Origin airdrop is already complete, rewarding active community members and the Blockstars team.

The Foundation mint will be on MagicEden. Each participant can mint up to 5 Blockstars at 1.0 $SOL each. This is the only management simulation game on Solana, and currently featured on the MagicEden Launchpad.

Upcoming music management simulation game on Solana

Each Blockstar is provably unique with a combination of visuals, musical skills and personality traits. These traits have varying degrees of rarity that will uniquely influence gameplay.

In addition, all owners will receive an asset pack that includes both the full 3D model, as well as an image optimized for social media profile pictures. The 3D model can travel across different metaverses such as Decentraland and The Sandbox. This is because all packages will include high-res, lossless renders and T-pose .fbx files.

Besides receiving the asset pack, all owners will also gain access to the owners-only club on their Discord server.

The stage is yours, break a leg!

Get your groove on with Blockstars P2E

With some members of their team behind Zynga Poker, FrontierVille, Coffee Meets Bagel and many other notable products, Blockstars surely has a recipe for success. In fact, their collective experience includes roles at Rocket Games, EA, Pixar and other similarly successful companies.

The team has opted to build a management simulation game as it provides the best odds for a sustainable P2E model. As successful as Axie Infinity is, the change in the game economy is hard to miss. With blockchain technology, the team is now able to merge sustainable management sim games with an attractive P2E model.

In addition, they have chosen to use music as the main theme behind the game. Music is universal, music transcends culture, languages, and geographic regions. Today, many companies are trying to make crypto easily accessible to all. Blockstars aims to join this cause by incorporating mainstream music into the blockchain space, accelerating mass adoption.

Aside from the notable names developing the project, Blockstars also have the backing of large companies the likes of Google and Amazon. The recent Series A brought in $11 million, led by Makers Fund. In addition, they are also backed by some of the greatest gaming and technology entrepreneurs in the world.


Players essentially put together bands of musicians (Blockstars) that write, record, and release singles and albums. In addition, these characters can also use busking and gigging to earn some extra cash. Players need to spend time and effort to constantly improve the skills of the characters.

Earn some extra $ROLL through busking. Credit: Blockstars

Upon minting the Blockstars, each character comes with a predetermined current ability and potential ability. In-game abilities use a star rating, ranging from 0.5 stars to 5.0 stars. Some characters have inherently low level abilities but can come with high maximum potential.

Blockstars contain a unique combination of attributes, both visible and hidden. Visible attributes include musical skills, songwriting, recording, etc. Players can improve these attributes through practice or gameplay. Whereas hidden attributes include chemistry, concentration, patience, charisma, etc. Unfortunately, these attributes are permanent.

Blockstars tokens: $ROCK and $ROLL

Tokenomics are of utmost importance, given that the team is focused on building a sustainable game economy. Firstly, $ROCK represents Blockstars’ governance token. This token will be used to purchase and mint new assets and reward players.

Secondly, $ROLL represents Blockstars’ in-game token. This token will be used as the day-to-day P2E currency, such as payment for concert tickets, or earning income from gigging.

Meanwhile, remember to mark your calendars and we’ll see you at MagicEden next week!

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