Mint Date: 12/2017

Cryotobots landed in the metaverse in December of 2017. The collection was one of the first ever play-to-earn NFTs. Founded by Alex Pavlov and Simon Shikharev and boasting a fully doxxed team of web3 players, Cryptobots is currently undergoing an update that has been developed by Playneta studio. The alpha version of the game was released in Q1 2022.

The game was developed to pioneer P2E. CryptoBots is a collector’s blockchain game created by Playneta Studio. Playneta is a mobile game development studio founded in 2015. According to Cryptobots FAQ, “the studio has developed multiple titles that are enjoyed by over 100M people, leading the way for p2e games to become a metaverse.”

According to their medium article from Jan 11, 2018, the original game play consisted of procuring some bots and starting to form your army though tokenomics; Improving your army through clever manufacturing, recycling, buying and selling; Battle testing your new Bot army; Dominating the world. The new gameplay involves Cryptobots being reborn as a collection RPG, enhanced by turn-based battle gameplay that will gradually enter the space economy metaverse. The collection is now offering staking, and you may also adapt any original CryptoBots to the current version to enjoy the new gameplay. According to @Jamesleigh1987, “7000 were minted between 2017/2018. 2000 Cryptobots are in inactive wallets from 2018/2019. Bringing supply down now to around 5000.”

Current floor price of the 10k collection is .18 ETH, and their new Cryptobots Game, launched this year, also 10k, has a current floor price of .05. The current roadmap includes merch, collabs, events and partnerships.



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