Adidas pauses and re-opens minting after MAYC holders are unable to mint

Adidas has jumped on the metaverse wagon.  In their own words, they are ‘entering a world of limitless possibilities’. Teamed up with Bored Ape Yacht Club, Pixel Vault’s PUNK Comic and crypto investor Gmoney. Adidas has a strong team behind them. 

A teaser was released earlier in December. The adidas official Twitter page showed avatars. The three collaborators created avatars skydiving  into a massive adidas logo. In addition, their instagram has been laced here and there with a few glimpses of their collaboration. 

image courtesy of adidas originals’ instagram

The sportswear giant made an  announcement on Twitter. A video featuring the three collaborators alongside its Trefoil logo. “Today we leap into the metaverse… It’s time to enter a world of limitless possibilities,” it wrote.

Following the news, they changed their Twitter profile picture to a Bored Ape cartoon character wearing an Adidas track jacket branded with Gmoney’s and Punks Comic logos.


“This autumn, adidas, known for celebrating ideas at the bleeding edge of originality, is settling in at the frontier of creativity: The Metaverse,”

There was a bit of drama when MAYC holders couldn’t mint, however, after Adidas paused and re-opened everything seemed to be working again.

Adidas is not the first clothing company to get on side with NFTs nor metaverses. Balenciaga recently announced that it will be doing the same. NIKE acquired virtual sneaker designer RTFKT. In 2019, NIKE filed a patent for blockchain-enabled digital shoes.


In conclusion, the idea of digital clothing and design is becoming a more frequent topic. It may close the divide between the rich and poor, if digital designs are more accessible. It also may not. The creative freedom it does give to a variety of designers and creators is going to push out new ideas

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