AGE of SAM Creating a Multi-Project Hold-to-Earn Utility Experience

As much as Ethereum is loved and highly coveted, many are fed up with the absurd gas fees and slow transactions, and lately we are seeing more and more innovative NFT projects coming to life on the Solana blockchain. One such project is AGE of SAM (AOS), which aims to take those who survived the ‘Great Gas War’ of 2021 to the moon and beyond.

What is AGE of SAM?

AGE of SAM NFTs are called “SAM,” and every SAM is an astronaut with a face representing one of 12 unique Solana NFT projects known as “Factions.” There will be a total of 10,000 SAM NFTs, all cloned from the finest DNA of these Factions. Each one is machine generated and no two SAM are alike.

SAM is a homage to Astronaut Sam Bell from the fantastic movie, Moon. In the movie, Sam goes to the Moon much like your own SAM will. The acronym stands for Solarium Autonomous Miner.


You will be able to use your SAM NFT to mine $SOLARIUM via Moon Missions. Each Moon Mission will last one week during which time your SAM will be busy mining $SOLARIUM. The amount of $SOLARIUM mined will be based on the rank of the SAM NFT; Scout, Technician, Engineer, Scientist, and the rarest, Commander.

The $SOLARIUM mined during Moon Missions will serve as a governance token and provide future utility by giving exclusive access to Moon Base mints, as well as a hidden utility which will be revealed after minting.

Then there is the hold-to-earn utility, where if you hold an NFT from any of the Factions which are represented by 12 different Solana NFTs in the AGE of SAM lore, you will be able to increase your mined $SOLARIUM by up to 2X. For example, if you hold a Solpunk, and send your Solpunk SAM on a Moon Mission, you will mine 2X $SOLARIUM during that Moon Mission.

The team of AOS is currently working on establishing partnerships with other top Solana projects to bring additional rewards to the hold-to-earn experience and raise awareness about decentralized finance, play-to-earn gaming, music and other applications of the Solana blockchain. So stay tuned for the drop!

The Lore

The world was cold. The sun drained of its warmth and its life force. The only life that existed on what was left of the planet resided beneath its surface – far below where you could see with your eyes. Not many survived the Great Gas War.

After the fall of House Ether, the 12 remaining factions continued to battle for the most scarce of resources, Solarium. For those who did survive, the only way to live was in underground cities. The remaining factions joined together in a single alliance to form House SOL.

They discovered that mass deposits of Solarium have settled on the dark side of the moon, blown over by the solar winds of the burnt-out sun. Through a breakthrough process they called minting, 10,000 Solarium Autonomous Miners (SAM) were cloned from the finest DNA provided by each of the 12 factions. They were to travel to the dark side of the moon to mine Solarium, the scarcest resource in the known Universe.

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