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One of the most highly anticipated Art Blocks Drops is coming today at 12:00PM EST.  500 NFTs from the amazing artist Fahad Karim, the project titled Alan Ki Aankhen will be released in the standard dutch auction. The difference is that today’s NFTs will start at 10 ETH with an exponential reduction until the final price (although it wont likely get that low) of .2 ETH.

Alan Ki Aankhen is a long-form generative art project: the artwork in the series is generated entirely using code, without any human input or curation. The project has been selected for the Art Blocks Curated Series 8 collection and will be released as a 500 edition NFT series on Wednesday, 27 July 2022, at 1pm EDT.

Alan Ki Aankhen is an exploration of other-worldly cityscapes in the visual aesthetic of my distinct style with ink on paper. The title, translated as Alan’s Eyes, alludes to Alan Turing’s machine intelligence test – a thought experiment foreshadowing a moment in which we can no longer differentiate between the real and the artificial. Though first proposed in 1950, the topic feels especially relevant today, as even our creative practices are being carried by shifting technological tides.

Official Links for Fahad Karim: Alan Ki Aankhen

The detail and process Fahad used to create this new NFT project took months of hard work.  Fahad spent months iteratively studying each individual element (eyes, windows, leaves, pyramids, towers, etc.) detailing the parameters that will define the geometry and what will go into developing the digital generative drawings.

While chipping away at my library of elements and textures for the project, I also built composition tools that would make it easy to quickly combine, scale, and position elements in different styles. As an example, each window in Alan Ki Aankhen is a uniquely designed assembly of rectangular blocks, arches, and circles with varying fill textures. The same tool used to assemble a window out of these components is also used to glue together rectangles and arches into an observatory for a tower.

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