An Animated NFT Trashcan Sold For A Staggering $250,000

An artist from America recently sold an animated NFT trashcan for a staggering $250,000. This continues to prove how insane the price of some decentralised digital art can be. 

The 64 Gallon Toter NFT sold for a staggering $250,000


The artist goes by the name of Robness. Speaking about the piece, he said, “I can’t even remember where the image came from, I think it was a Google image search”.  Then, he revitalized the image with psychedelic, glitchy effects, and listed it for sale on the NFT marketplace, SuperRare. The digital art piece is now known as 64 Gallon Toter.


The Complicated Story Behind the Trashcan NFT

What is inspiring about the piece of art is the story behind it. Robness expressed how angry he was about some things. “It was kind of like rage art”, he added. What’s more, SuperRare once removed the image because they thought he stole it from Home Depot, apparently breaking copyright rules. 

After legally threatening Robness, two years later, SuperRare reinstated his work. In an email to AFP,  SuperRare explained that the trashcan NFT wasn’t initially considered as art by the community, “so much has evolved” that they changed their mind on the piece of work.  Obviously, this was great news for Robness.

From Trash to Inspiration

Slowly, the trashcan NFT became so much of a meme that it inspired thousands of copycat versions. This made the interest and demand for the original increase massively. So much so, that eventually a digital art collector contacted Robness directly to learn more about the story of the animated trashcan NFT.

Robness says, “he called me up because he wanted to know more about the story and we spoke for about 30 to 45 minutes about the whole hilarious story, and he was laughing most of the time.

Of course, with the staggering sale of the trashcan NFT, Robness’ life changed for the better. The artist survived on odd jobs and sleeping in his car by the beach. Now, he’s making enough from his NFT art to keep him afloat comfortably.  


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