Animoca Brands’ Newest Futuristic Open-World Game

Animoca Brands has unveiled its newest futuristic Open-World Game, Phantom Galaxies. This is the global game publisher’s first project with newly acquired Blowfish Studios. Together, the partners claim to have built the “biggest bad-add mechas on the blockchain. It features an open-world space sim with fast-paced mech shooter and a captivating story.”

Game Publisher Giant Animoca Brands has unveiled its first collaboration with Blowfish Studios after acquiring it. Credit: Phantom Galaxies

Two months ago, we reported that Animoca Brands had acquired 100% of Indie Game Developer Blowfish Studios. The multi-million deal has an upfront consideration of $6.6 Million plus payments of up to $19.2 Million. So how can an independent Sydney-based gaming studio fetch such a price? Well, it’s primarily because of its reputation as an award-winning game developer and publisher of high-quality multi-platform games. On the other hand, the move strengthened Animoca Brands’ hold on NFT Games.

So now it’s time to explore the first product of the high-caliber and reputable partners! 

Phantom Galaxies: The Lore and Gameplay

Firstly, Phantom Galaxies will take players on an adventure to protect human colonies on the frontiers of known space. Players enlist in the elite Ranger Squadron and pilot a Mechanized Starfighter to defend against the incursions of the Sha’Har, the mysterious and warlike civilization intent on extinguishing humankind for desecrating its hallowed tomb worlds.

The game promises to offer the best of gaming and blockchain through the triple-A game. Credit: Phantom Galaxies

Based on the trailer, the game features a beautifully crafted shared world and 3rd person action RPG. Moreover, the mechs can fight on land or transform themselves into advanced fighter spacecraft. Then, players can customize their mechs and capital ships and then take them into star systems to do battle and influence how the narrative of Phantom Galaxies unfolds. 

On the other hand, the NFT integration allows players to own the ships, mechs, avatars and equipment that they create or buy in the game. The game will challenge players to go out on missions, solve puzzles, gather resources for crafting, form corporations and run marketplaces. 

Laying Down the Building Blocks

The game is part of the gaming studio’s pivot towards the triple-A game. Currently, the team dedicates over 35 people to create a high-quality console and PC game that brings NFTs to the mainstream. 

Blowfish Games has been working on Phantom Galaxies for 2 ½ years. Yat Sui, Charmain of Animoca Brands, told GameBeats that the game was a big part of why they decided to buy Blowfish. He said that Phantom Galaxies is a great game experience. Furthermore, it is an example of how blockchain integration can put actual in-game governance in the players’ hands. 

Siu added, “It’s a triple-A space title with great mechanics that can bridge the expectation of a traditional gamer and realize the benefits of blockchain in games. With robots, what’s not to like?”

The partners have a very high-level roadmap on the website at the moment. The game will release the in-game assets ahead of the early access and game launch. By Q2 2022 the game will be on all major consoles and PC. Meanwhile, the game itself is currently up and running on steam in pre-beta or alpha mode.

Phantom Galaxies definitely has the all-star backing and potential to be the next blockchain gaming giant, so make sure you follow them on Twitter

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