ANYMA Leverages NFTs to Bring High Quality Visuals to EDM Concerts

World-renowned producer, Matteo Milleri, one half of pioneering musical duo Tale of Us, will use NFTs to power live music visuals. As a result, increasing the quality of the digital imagery by introducing a self-financing medium into proceedings.

Historically, payment for any graphics used at an EDM event would occur on a single commission basis, resulting in a costly outlay with no scope for recouping those funds. Consequently, the imagery at such events could never reach its true potential. To get around this, and produce graphics of the highest quality, Matteo will draw on the power of the non-fungible, using a medium that he can trade following the event, and use the money to fund more projects and pay the artists.

To demonstrate the huge potential, Matteo has incorporated the epic NFT, Eva 0, into his ANYMA solo project, where the incredible robot creation takes centre stage towering above the ecstatic partygoers.

Supported by hugely talented visual artist, Alessio De Vecchi, Matteo envisions a future where creators have the time and financing to really put their talents to the test, building a lavish musical world where every single beat has its visual counterpart.

Check out Eva 0 on SuperRare >> Here

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