Australian Agave NFTs Include A Limited Edition Spirit (Clue: Not Tequila!)

Top Shelf International (TSI) is shaking up the Spirits industry by launching the Australian Agave NFT. The Melbourne-based producer and marketer of high-quality Australian spirit-based beverage brands have concocted a unique offering for future NFT holders. They will become members of an exclusive program with rights to a bespoke, hand-distilled Australian agave spirit.

Take A Sip of the Australian Agave NFTs

TSI concocted a cool NFT offering for Spirit drinkers! Credit: TSI

The way it works is that the team will allocate ten agave plants for each NFT. The Australian Agave Chief agronomist will personally select the plants to ensure top-notch quality. Then, the staff at Eden Lassie Farm in Australia will nurture the plants for the NFT holders. They will also receive and enjoy the ultra-premium spirits from these plants.

In addition, NFT holders will be able to choose from one of four fields at the farm to grow their agave plants and will receive updates on their progress.

Drew Fairchild, the TSI CEO, said, “This NFT is unlike anything else that is currently available in the global spirits industry.” Ultimately, TSI wants to position the Australian Agave NFT at the forefront of innovation.

What Does Blockchain Technology Bring in this Project?

Basically, the team is “leveraging the security blockchain technology to manage contracts digitally and provide potential liquidity for token holders.”

Fairchild added, “Only the owner’s personal agave plants will be used in their bespoke distillation, thus meaning each batch will never be re-produced. It is the ultimate expression of personalization and this represents the first step in our ambition to forge a new frontier for agave spirits globally.”

TSI is confident that blockchain technology will propel the company to new heights. In fact, they are aiming to raise $26.3 Million to build a distillery to produce Australian agave spirits. 

The launch of the Australian Agave NFT is the first demonstration of how technology will play an increasingly important role in TSI’s overall strategy. The ultimate goal is to connect consumers with their portfolio of brands in progressive ways. 

Adoption of NFTs in the Wine and Liquor Industry

As we close the year, wine-related NFT projects are springing into action. Last week, French startup – World Wide Wines (wwwines) brought vintage wines to the NFT world. In fact, the collection is not just made up of mere images because each World Wine NFT backs three real wine bottle

Meanwhile, Robert Mondavi Winery teamed up with renowned French porcelain house Bernardaud to revolutionize the adoption of NFTs in the wine industry. Mondavi’s NFTs come with a unique generative art piece, IRL experiences and 1,966 1.5-liter porcelain wine bottles. Yes, the utilities are pouring in straight from the wine NFTs!

The adoption of NFTs in the wine industry is gaining ground. So it’s interesting to see how NFT projects in the spirits industry will fair!

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