Australian Open Closing Party to be played by Tigerlily and Masked Wolf

A closing party to the Australian Open is set to be held in the metaverse tomorrow (January 30th) and we will see Tigerlilly and Masked Wolf play during the party. This comes after a series of metaverse events have been held in celebration of the tournament by AO Metaverse.

AO Metaverse’s closing party for the Australian Open is set to be huge, featuring performances from Tigerlily and Masked Wolf in Decentraland.

About the Australian Open Closing Party

The closing party of the Australian Open is set to take place tomorrow, January 30th, at 3 PM PST / 6 PM EST. The event will feature Australian DJ, Tigerlilly and Australian rapper, Masked Wolf, who was revealed as their special guest.

The AO Metaverse has a virtual version of Melbourne Park. It’s been running for the course of the AO from 17th January – 31st January. This party is being used as a closing event for both the Australian open in real life and the metaverse events held.

So far, the events have provided worldwide tennis fans with access to metaverse events revolving around the AO and has included gaming parts too.

Until now, the AO Metaverse has attracted over 5,000 people per day in Decentraland, so the Australian Open Closing Party is set to be a big one.

The team behind this campaign were also behind the DeadMau5 in Decentraland gig last October.

Those who attend the party will be able to get a free wearable if they give their wallet address before.

Tennis Australia’s NFT & Metaverse Partner, Ridley Plummer spoke on the event, saying: “As a festival of sport and entertainment, we’re looking forward to celebrating the closing of the contest with the rest of the world in Decentraland. Whilst the AO closes this is just the start of our metaverse journey. It feels fitting to have some incredible local Aussie artists play for us”

About Tigerlily and Masked Wolf

Tigerlily is an Australian DJ and producer who’s achieved worldwide success. She’s been active in music since 2011. She was the runner up in the 2011 Your Shot DJ competition. Also, she was the 9th DJ of 2013 in the InTheMix Awards. During her career, she’s played around the world.

Masked Wolf is an Australian rapper and Songwriter also based in Sydney. His career began in 2018, and he is most famous for his hit song, Astronaut in the Ocean. This charted around the world and was released in 2019. He’s said to have always been into music, growing up and writing songs since the age of 13. In 2021, in the ARIA Music Awards, he was nominated for Best Artist and Breakthrough Artist. His song, ‘Astronauts in the Ocean’ was nominated for Best Hip Hop Release, Song of the Year and Best Video.

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