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The official azuki beanz collection just revealed at first glance the beanz appear to be somewhat lackluster while the beanz are cute and will likely expand the azuki community by providing cheaper access to this project Mini speculators will likely be disappointed. unfortunately this is a continuation that signals that we may be past the local top with the massive liquidity drain that the board 8 Yachts Club pulled with their other side land reveal and then these beanz feeling somewhat lackluster the market may continue to cool off for a period of time.

Azuki and the beanz now represent a collection of around 30000 pieces merge seems similar to wear a lot of projects are trying to go as they expand their reach scope and ability to provide access for other collectors the next announcement that the azuki team makes is going to be an incredibly important one. there have been rumors that the project may be partnering with Adidas and some formal capacity we have also heard rumors that they may be partnering with the brand Supreme or that they may even be partnering with major music artists like Pharrell and others. the team here at mft culture believes that the next announcement will likely be high quality but somewhat lackluster merchandise. 

Bad Timing For NFTs

Unfortunately timing may have just not been on the team’s side there has been growing pressure for the team to reveal the beanz for some time and I’m sure they would have wanted to waited for slightly better market conditions before revealing. there are already a number of high-profile bazookies that had been sold for a loss and now the beanz floor appears to be cratering. another interesting tidbit is that for the first time open see, the largest in that tea Marketplace, was prepared to mass update the metadata from their side when the reveal started occurring. this is actually a positive in a pool of negativity the team appears to be becoming more proactive understanding when collections like these are going to reveal in attempting to create a better user experience during these reveals. long term we are still bullish on these you keep project and believe the beanz project will likely Rise Above This floor but not for some time. Right now we would put the beanz or expect the beanz to be around one-fifth of the zoo key floor until something causes that ratio to break.


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