Bataclan Survivor is shocked to find her surgeon sold NFTs of her X-rays

Unfortunately, a French surgeon tried to sell an X-ray of the injury of a Bataclan attack survivor. The French surgeon, Emmanuel Masmejean, will now face legal action and possible misconduct charges.

The Bataclan concert hall attack in 2015 was part of a series of attacks in Paris.

More about the Bataclan survivor’s NFT.

Essentially, the NFT of the French woman’s X-ray was available on OpenSea for $2,776. After some time, the market delisted the item.

Martin Hirsch, the head of Paris’s public hospitals, wrote on Twitter that the surgeon’s act shows misconduct. Certainly, he will face legal action for his “heinous behaviour’

“This act is against the sound professional practice, jeopardizes medical confidentiality, and goes against the values of [Paris hospitals] and public service,” Dr Hirsch wrote in a message to staff that he shared on Twitter.

For the uninitiated, the attack on popular music venue the Bataclan took place on November 13, 2015, where Californian rock band Eagles of Death Metal was performing in front of a sold-out audience.

Besides, it was part of a deliberate attack by extremists from the Islamic State (IS) group, which killed 130 people at the theatre and throughout the city that night.

According to the news agency AFP, the woman’s lawyer was taken aback when she discovered the listing. Meanwhile, the woman in question prefers to remain undisclosed.

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