BAYC Floor Price Hits 100ETH as 3LAU Bags the Last Bargain

For the first time ever, BAYC hit 100 ETH floor price or around $255,000!

BAYC is one of the most successful NFT projects in the space. It started as a Collectible and grew to become one of the most popular and commercially successful NFT franchises. Bored Ape Yacht was launched in late April by a team of four developers. The whole 10,000 apes were sold out within 12 hours of its release at 0.08 ETH each. So with a 100 ETH floor price, the project grew exponentially by at least 1250x in just ten months!

BAYC broke another record! Credit: OpenSea

BAYC Hits 100 ETH Floor Price

In a Twitter post, Royal platform co-founder and EDM artist-producer 3LAU proudly shared that he “grabbed the last Bored Ape at 99 ETH.”

BAYC welcomed 2022 with a major milestone. It broke its own record on the 2nd of January and recorded a 70 ETH floor price. So in under 30 days, the floor price leaped by 30 ETH! In addition, it has already surpassed OG Collectible CryptoPunks, which currently sits at 83.95 ETH.

So what’s giving BAYC that extra boost to rise above the competitive NFT landscape with new projects springing left and right? For one, as days go by, BAYC continues to attract celebrities, athletes and other high-profile individuals. Check out the list here. So among all the projects, it has the most substantial mainstream reach.

Moreover, the project’s 2022 roadmap is very compelling. The team already delivered one of the key milestones this year: the Mobile Game “Apes vs. Mutants.” In addition, the animated series featuring the Bored Ape avatars is on track.

BAYC is definitely on track to break more records this year and the community is rallying behind the project to make it happen!

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