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As the BIG3 league enters its 5th season of play and breaks records as the fastest growing sports league since the UFC, the league ownership announced a ground-breaking and trailblazing opportunity for investors. Team ownership through the blockhain and NFTs.

“This is team ownership in the 21st century,” said BIG3 co-founder, Ice Cube. “We’ve created a special bond with our fans since our first game in 2017 and this is the natural next step. We want fans to feel even more invested in their favorite squad, more connected to their favorite player, and provide them with the opportunity to grow with us. While other leagues are flirting with fan ownership, none of them have more meat on the bone than BIG3 team owners.”

The BIG3 just announced a new agreement for team ownership in professional sports! This is a revolutionary step forward, and now fans can become owners of their favorite teams.. Fans will have two ownership options comprised of 1000 editions – 25 Fire priced at $25,000 each and 975 Gold priced at $5,000 each.

All editions include voting rights towards team actions, priceless gameday experiences and VIP tickets to all games, and limited-edition team, league, and championship merchandise and memorabilia. Fire editions also include exclusive intellectual property and licensing rights to team names, logos, and merchandise as well as additional gameday activations.

Additional Ownership Benefits Include (among others):

  • First Rights to Expansion Teams
  • Percentage of Future Team Sale
  • Championship Game Perks for Owners of Participating Teams, including Receiving Championship Rings at Presentation Ceremony
  • Player and Coach Meet-and-Greets
  • Signed Fireball
  • Access to Team Practices and After Parties
  • Selection of Season Awards Such as Player of the Week, All-Star Teams, and Highlights
  • Strategy Calls with Team Coach and Captains
  • Weekly Referee Call
  • Multiple Calls with Co-Founders Ice Cube and Jeff Kwatinetz and Commissioner Clyde Drexler
  • BIG3 NFT’s


“When we founded the BIG3 five seasons ago, our mission was to build a league that was innovative and created opportunities for players and fans alike that other leagues lack,” said BIG3 co-founder, Jeff Kwatinetz. “We are thrilled to be lowering the barrier to entry to team ownership so our fans can take their investment to the next level. This is a tremendous step for our league and the sport as a whole, and I can’t wait to meet our new owners and begin to build this league alongside them.“

This announcement follows the recent recharge of the league’s partnership with Monster Energy after one of the most competitive seasons yet, when Stephen Jackson’s Trilogy took home the Julius Erving Championship Trophy at the 2021 BIG3 Championship Game at Atlantis Paradise Island in the Bahamas, becoming the first team in league history to win two titles.

BIG3 is the official creator of the new global sport, FIREBALL3 and is returning for its fifth season this summer. Known as a ground-breaking league that focuses on innovation, the BIG3’s 2021 season saw notable new changes and experiences, including the first-ever professional open tryouts and the addition of the “Bring the Fire” rule allowing teams one challenge per half determined by an in-game one-on-one.

More information regarding team ownership stakes will be available shortly. To learn more about the BIG3 and to sign up for more information about participating in the ownership sale, go to and follow @thebig3 on twitter and instagram.

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