Twitter user @KondoudisLaw broke the news that Billie Eilish has filed some interesting patents pertaining to the metaverse. Mike Kondoudis is a trademark attorney and shed light on a few standouts in the filing. Eilish appears to have filed for the following areas pertaining to the metaverse: NFTs, virtual currency, and digital collectibles. The application also notes downloadable video game software, virtual goods, in-game resources, and currencies pertaining to video games or virtual worlds. 

While it’s speculated this could mean she’s next in line to be another celeb entering the space, others believe this may be an opportunity to protect her likeness and name from being utilized, without consent, throughout the metaverse. The applications, filed on February 26th, included filings for both her name and the Blohsh logo. 

Billie Eilish was born in 2001 and rose to stardom by fearlessly posting her deeply personal music videos to YouTube. Her emblem, the Blohsh logo, is widely recognized by her many fans as a symbol of gender neutrality, strength and freedom. Eilish is currently scheduled to tour this year, has one of the largest Instagram followings-100M, and may be found on the spring/summer cover of V Magazine. As one of the biggest pop icons of her generation, the possibility of her joining the metaverse is incredible, and with a following as robust as hers, it will certainly be a grand entrance. 

Please check back for updates as this story continues to unfold.



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