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Rumor has it that That once Twitter goes private they will work on a token or currency that will have utility 4 Twitter users the rumors are true would copy the Murrieta of token type drops that have permeated through the blockchain landscape over the last six months. Given Elon musk’s passion for the blockchain finance utility in the future the free speech, something like the rumor Blue Sky token start making a lot of sense.

When you consider the amount of money being invested to take Twitter private something like this starts making a lot of sense. If you could use the new mechanisms available through defy to create an experience that Embraces the new culture around decentralisation one must consider A New Path to create Revenue accountability and accessibility.

The news is still early and we are waiting to verify through additional sources that blue sky is actually the term that will be used but the rumors are starting to heat up and where there’s smoke there’s typically fire. make sure to join the culture Discord for the latest news and information and obviously we will share any updates we receive here and through our newsletter details to come soon


Elon Musk has made a lot of news recently with his bombastic opinions and influence on culture finance and everything in between. Some crypto natives love him and some crypto natives hate him but his ability to demand attention and his stated passion to help Humanity with his companies including SpaceX and Tesla make him a unique philanthropist billionaire and wow we may not agree with everything he says we trust that he has a vision 4 Twitter that will embrace the mechanics of free speech that are needed more now than ever.

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