project Interview – project was established in April 2021 and we officially launched our first NFT collection, the Bottup Dunkel goblins, on November 11th.

How did you come up with the ideas? 

We’re a team of three friends – a crypto nerd, a digital artist, and a German brewer. As we’re all crypto and beer lovers, one day we all thought of this question while drinking together: What if you can earn with NFT while enjoying craft beer with friends and loved ones? This is why our project leverages digital asset technology and eCommerce, a market in which food and beverages have been gaining traction rapidly, to enable the opportunity to “earn as you drink”. 

What Makes this project unique? 

Firstly, Bottup allows you to earn as you drink and have fun with friends, indulging in your own hobby. It allows you to create more value out of your hobby, on top of the fun. Also, when you purchase a bottle of Bottup beer, you are also collecting a unique, limited-edition metaverse NFT printed on the label. So you’re essentially collecting both a physical and a digital version of the collectible in the intricately designed beer bottle and the NFT. This way we can satisfy even traditionalists that exclusively collect physical goods and dismiss digital ones.

How Big is the team and what are their roles? 

Our team consists of 3 core members. The brew master, Mario Nube, is an alcohol beverage supply chain and brewery expert who is currently a critic and advisor for local alcohol beverage productions. Andy Velski, the team’s artist and creative head, has over 12 years in the realm of animation with deep expertise in games, comics, and art direction. The project lead, Lawrence Lin, has over 15 years of experience in the cryptocurrency industry, having founded a SEA-licensed exchange as well as an industry-leading crypto finance platform, who is also passionate about creative media and storytelling. Together, the three of us are brewing up special craft beer recipes that come with their own intriguing metaverse characters and stories, starting with this first beer line Bottup Dunkel.

What is the price? 

You can purchase regular goblins for the fixed price of 0.022 ETH through this pre-sale, while rare “legendary” goblins can be obtained via auction starting at the price of 0.25 ETH. 

Why is that price fair? 

The pre-sale event is a great opportunity to own Bottup Dunkel NFTs for a good price, as later once we open public order of the beer, the regular and rare “legendary” goblins will be sold via auction at the prices of 0.034 ETH and 0.28 ETH respectively.

What is the Mint Size? 

For this first beer line Bottup Dunkel, only 200 bottles thus NFTs will be produced and available for purchase. Each beer line will have a limited number of NFTs, each line will have a different type metaverse character with their own story as the NFT, like Bottup Dunkel’s being the warring goblins.

Are there any mechanics we should know about? 

The Bottup NFT can be traded to earn money or used as payment to purchase more Bottup beer. For each series of Bottup flavor, the NFT with the highest bid will become the mascot of the beer line that also grants its owner profit-sharing rights.

Why did you choose to create a craft beer NFT?

Aside from our own passions in beer and crypto, online food shopping and delivery has seen great demand and growth in recent years, and as Singaporeans we could experience this demand first hand. According to a report by Google and Singapore’s state investment arm, the SEA food delivery market is expected to grow from 2 billion USD in 2018 to about 8 billion USD in 2025. In fact, food & beverage is now the fastest-growing product category in e-commerce with a projected annual growth of over 30% till 2024. While beer is a major market in Asia and craft beer especially is on the rise, the latter especially has always been lacking behind when it comes to the more digitized way of doing business since it has always relied heavily on pubs, bars, and on-premise services. 

At the same time, awareness and adoption of crypto and NFT is taking off big time in the mainstream, more and more people are becoming interested in earning with digital assets especially if done through more casual, common media that they typically enjoy such as gaming. Digital collectible has finally had its mainstream breakthrough as users worldwide embrace the digitized lifestyle. With all this in mind, we believe there is great potential and value in tapping into the market of “earning from your hobby” enabled by NFTs. This is why we came up with the Bottup project where you can get high-quality craft beer delivered to your doorstep from anywhere in the world that lets you earn unique, valuable digital as well as physical collectibles while having a great time with friends and loved ones.

What is your plan/roadmap?

Bottup Dunkel is the 1st brew in our pipeline of 2 pairings, making it a total of 4 of our own craft beer recipes that we have R&D ourselves. Currently, we’ve begun listing NFTs in the Bottup Dunkel collection for pre-sale and the Bottup Dunkel beer itself will be open for public order in Q1 2022. The next beer lines will follow soon afterwards using the same release strategy: you can purchase the NFTs in the collection first and order the beer shortly afterward during the year. By purchasing the NFTs through these pre-sales, you’ll be able to obtain the NFTs at a better price than when the beer is open for public order. Ownership of the NFT will allow you to order the beer bottle once it becomes available, meaning you can get the beer themselves at a better price too!

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