Budweiser x Zed Run The Official stable of the Budverse

To celebrate being the official beer of@zed_run, the Budweiser Stable has been hard at work breeding racehorses for our Heritage Can holders. The Bud Team is proud to present our stable to the public. Take a look: zed.run/stable/budweis
1,936 brand new, unraced “Budweiser Clydesdales” are ready to be airdropped. Each racehorse is uniquely named to match our collection. For our 36 Gold Can holders, we paid extra special attention in selecting the bloodline.
The snapshot of our Heritage Can Holders’ wallets was taken on July 29th at approximately 2PM CDT. Stay tuned for the incoming airdrop. 1 Can = 1 racehorse. More details to be shared soon.


About Zed Run

No two racehorses on ZED RUN are the same. On top of their base abilities, every racehorse is differentiated by their Bloodline, Breed Type, Coat Colour, Gender and Genotype. All of these genetic factors combined with additional characteristics determine a racehorse’s overall ability.

ZED RUN is empowered by its 40,000+ strong community from around the world, driving a creative and collaborative culture. Everyday, community participants are finding joy in the digital racehorse ownership and the discovery of friendly competition across futuristic racetracks, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Subsequently, ZED RUN community’s innovative edge and expansive reach has attracted the attention of thousands, including mentions in The New York Times.

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