Coca-Cola NFTs come to VeVe with festive snowglobes available

Coca-Cola has become the next company to further step into NFTs with their soon to come VeVe drop which will include snow globe NFTs to celebrate their historical Christmases over the years. However, it’s not their first step into NFTs as they’ve had charity NFT auctions previously, in July and August.

Releasing tomorrow are Coca-Cola NFTs on the popular platform, VeVe. Credit: VeVe

About the Coca-Cola NFTs

The Coca-cola NFTs are set to launch through the VeVe platform tomorrow (December 20th) at 8 AM PT in their usual launch format of blind boxes. Meaning you won’t know which rarity you have acquired until after your successful purchase.

The rarities of the snow globes are as follows, with all costing 29.00 Gems/USD in the blind box format. Common: Polar bear – with 13,888 editions. Uncommon: 4 Coke bottles – with 10,888 editions. Rare: Neon Coca-Cola Sign – with 7,888 editions. And finally, Secret Rare: Coke bottle – with 1,886 editions.

As usual, all of these Coca-Cola NFTs will be available to purchase globally. Unfortunately, the drops have been more and more difficult to purchase recently with the introduction of bots and scripts. These aid the purchasing of NFTs on the platform for users. However, this has in turn made it extremely hard for the general public to purchase.

Coca-Cola’s History

Coca-cola is a fizzy drink/soda which was first introduced to the world in 1886 (135 years ago!) in Atlanta, Georgia. It was first invented by John Stith Pemberton and later purchased by businessman Asa Griggs Candler whose marketing tactics lead the company to become the premier soft drink in the 20th century, with total industry domination.

Coca-Cola has been a historical name around Christmas time. The two have successfully collided and become inseparable since the 1920s.

In 1931, the company commissioned an illustrator named Haddon Sundblom to create an oil painting of Santa drinking coke during Christmas. Since, Coca-cola has been closely related to Christmas. In fact, this was the first time Santa Claus was publicised in a red suit, as before then he was also depicted having a green suit.

Now, Coca-cola is making Christmas history again by creating NFTs.

About VeVe

To clarify, VeVe was founded in 2018. It was created by collectors, for collectors to bring premium licensed NFT digital collectibles to the mass market. With over 500,000 active users and 1.4 million NFTs sold (as of 1st November per Yahoo), VeVe is the largest mobile-first digital collectibles platform. Utilizing both blockchain and augmented reality technologies, VeVe offers premium licensed collectibles from many leading brands. Significantly, these include DC Comics, Warner Bros, Cartoon Network, Marvel, Ghostbusters, Back to the Future and now Coca-Cola NFTs. Without a doubt, the app has recently gained more attention from a large community of Marvel fans with their launches of Marvel digital collectables, featuring Spiderman and Captain America characters, as well as the ‘What If’ Comic series. 

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