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What Is Cooltopia?

Claim Instructions:

  • January 31st: Cool Cats claiming starts at 10 am EST — runs forever
  • January 31st/ February 1st: Allow List minting starts at 11 am EST — runs for 24 hrs
  • February 1st: 2 hours of rest for the staff
  • February 1st: Public Minting starts at 1pm EST
How much do Cool Pets cost?
At release, there are three ways to acquire Cool Pets:
  • Cool Cat Claiming :  9,999 all free + gas
  • Allow List: ~8,500 0.5 Eth + gas
  • Public Mint: ~1,500 0.5 Eth + gas
Cooltopia is the Cool Cats ecosystem, including all of the components within Cool Cats that talk to one another: the Cool Cats NFT collection, Cool Pets NFT collection, the gamified and tokenized economy driven by $MILK, the questing system, the Cool Shop and marketplace, etc. Over time, we’ll add to and grow Cooltopia, making the experience for our holders more and more fun, interesting, and rich.
Our aim is to create the most accessible gamified NFT experience; to be a place where having a Cool Cats NFT grants you evolving access to games, tokens, community events, collaborations, and more. We believe we can achieve this goal by continuing to expand the Cool Cats team, bringing on more game developers, artists, and designers by raising capital through offerings like Cool Pets.
An integral part of who we are as a brand is our commitment to inclusivity and accessibility. Our most important asset is our community, which prides itself on being welcoming, friendly, funny, and respectful. We support other NFT projects, and we support one another. Cooltopia is and will continue to be designed to bring that experience to as many people as possible. Whether you’re a Cool Cat holder or not…you’re still a Cool Cat to us.

What are the Cool Cats NFTs?

Cool Cats are a collection of programmatically, randomly generated NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain. The first generation consists of 9,999 randomly assembled cats from over 300,000 total combinations of outfits, faces, and colors. Each Cool Cat is comprised of a unique body, hat, face, and outfit

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