Cool Pets minting is live, but not without a few hiccups

Cool Cats’ Cool Pets public minting is now live. However, Cool Pets NFTs are so in demand that the team had to move their rollout schedule around to resolve some pressing tech issues.

The adorable Cool Pets collection is literally breaking the internet
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The Cool Pets team apologised for developmental difficulties. They explained that they had to rearrange the schedule to ensure everything ran smoothly. Allow listing will now be open at 2 pm EST and run for 24 hours. Public minting will happen at 4 pm EST on Wednesday while the game will open on Thursday.

“As you have likely noticed, we had to delay the minting as we resolved some tech issues. The delay pushed forward our whole mint process, which took us into a second full day of working for the tech team,” explained Lynq.

The team member continued, “For a healthier rollout going forward, we have decided to push back the AllowList mint to tomorrow. This will give us a chance to regain our energy and focus as we unlock each piece in the minting process.”

The team also mentioned that they had already managed to get the majority of Pet claiming for Cool Cats NFT holders to work successfully. Furthermore, they reminded the Cool Cats community that there’s no claiming time limit.

What’s Cool Pets?

Cool Pets is the latest offering of the highly successful Cool Cats brand. It is a collection of 19,999 NFTs, which are procedurally generated based on item interaction. All Pets start as an Egg and evolve into a final form. NFT holders have the power to influence their Pets’ evolution through Cool Pets’ gamified experience. What’s more – if the user looks after their pet well, the Pet can also inherit a special element, which could be Grass, Fire, Water or Air.

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