CoolPets NFT Allowlist Minting is Now Live!

Finally, the CoolPets NFT allowlist mint is now live after a short delay. Everyone on the list can now get their hands on this unique NFT, created by Cool Cats.

The CoolPets NFT allowlist is now live and ready to mint.

The CoolPets are exclusively available through the Cool Cats website. Now is your chance if you were lucky enough to register for the allowlist. You will have to be quick, though. The allowlist is only available for 48 hours, and there are only 20,000 available. Each CoolPets NFT costs 0.5 ETH.

Many people are excited about the project, which will see the Cool Cats ecosystem (Cooltopia) grow exponentially. All elements of Cooltopia is made to interact with each other.

What is a CoolPets NFT?

At the moment, the CoolPets NFTs are just eggs. However, this collection of programmatically, randomly generated NFTs will soon hatch. Furthermore, interacting with them will determine how they grow into unique creatures.

There are 19,999 CoolPets in total. 9,999 are set aside for Cool Cats holders. In fact, they are entirely free for Cool Cats holders. All you have to do is claim it. Meanwhile, 10,000 NFTs are available to the public to buy.

The food and other items you use to interact with your Pet will impact several things. It will shape your Pets final form and what element it becomes. There are four elements so far. These are water, grass, fire and air.

The CoolPets NFT is incredibly interactive. In fact, to buy items to interact with them, you must purchase loot crates from the Cool Cats website using the ecosystem currency, $MILK. To get $MILK you must do daily quests with your CoolPet NFT. In addition, if you hold a Cool Cats NFT, you earn $MILK just by claiming it.

The CoolPets NFT mint is now live for the next 48 hours after a short delay. It will be exciting to see how they look when revealed.

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