Crypto Chicks Warns Community that their Discord Has Been Compromised

The first all-women PFP collection, Crypto Chicks, warned its growing community that its Discord channel had been compromised. Unfortunately, some NFT holders already fell for the tricks of the fraudsters. The team is now in full investigative mode to resolve the issue and assess the damage.

Crypto Chicks is a blossoming NFT project with a 2 ETH ($5226) floor price and over 7700 ETH ($20 Million) tradeable volume. So it is crucial for them to resolve this breach right away and prevent similar incidents.

Crypto Chicks Discord Attack

Crypto Chicks clarified that they still have full control over their Discord channel. The team is busy taking extra security precautions and doing root-cause analysis.

Based on the initial results of their probe, a moderator account was compromised, which resulted in an announcement of a “surprise mint.” Early indicators show it was a transfer scam where people who connected their wallets to the fake “mint” link authorized the transfer of ETH or an NFT. The fraudsters managed to steal Crypto Chicks and one @alienfrens NFT.

The team added, “We do not believe this resulted in the entire wallet being compromised, just an authorization of a transfer by accepting the transaction.” They reached this conclusion because they reviewed the Etherscan address of the wallet where the “mint” proceeds went. There was a total of 37 transactions ranging from 0.03 to 0.09 ETH. Crypto Chicks assured their community that they would refund these damages.

The team promised to release more information as soon as they have fresh updates. If you clicked the link and minted NFTs, make sure you open your Metamask and click on “connected sites.” Then, you should disconnect from whatever website you accessed ASAP.

This case confirms that as the market continues to heat up, projects should play up their game in terms of security. According to The Block Data Dashboard, the monthly trading volume of NFTs reached $6 Billion this January alone. So the NFT space would inevitably be the target of fraudulent schemes, some more elaborate than others.

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