Crypto YouTuber Ben Armstrong Gets Called Out for His Obvious Shilling

Yesterday, crypto YouTuber Ben Armstrong tweeted a list of his top six NFT projects. But, there’s a catch. Along with blue-chip projects like BAYC and CryptoPunks, Armstrong sneakily added a lesser-known project—Pluto Alliance. Obviously, it did not go down well with several Twitter users. Many even called him out on his obvious shilling.

Ben Armstrong shilling Pluto Alliance on Twitter.

Twitter calls out Ben Armstrong for shilling

Clearly, Ben Armstrong’s attempts at promoting Pluto Alliance along with BAYC, Gutter Cat Gang, and others, failed miserably. And Twitter had a field day calling him out.

@Zeneca_33, for instance, listed the floor prices of all six projects. Of course, Pluto Alliance’s floor was as low as 0.048 ETH, compared to upwards of 14.88 ETH for other projects.

“One of these things is not like the other,” they tweeted. “I wonder if you have an undisclosed interest in one of these.”

Tweet from zeneca.eth (3,3) via @Zeneca_33

Well, Ben Armstrong does have an interest in Pluto Alliance. And Twitter user NFT Ethics was quick to verify this. Firstly, back in September, Armstrong had retweeted a tweet from the project and asked his followers to “go grab a Pluto Alliance NFT” at OpenSea. Then, in November, he had tweeted an announcement about Pluto Alliance’s V2 drop.

“Pluto Alliance V2 Dropping November 30th! Burn one V1 alien, get one V2 alien (until the first 3333 our minted). Public mint will be Dec. 1st!” he had then tweeted.

Tweet from NFT Ethics

Several other Twitter users also called him out. “@Bitboy_Crypto is the last person anyone should take advice from on crypto let alone #NFT projects,” wrote @A_Pons_Asinorum. Meanwhile, @CryptoFinally tweeted, “I think you need to just tell people that pluto alliance is your project.”

Ben Armstrong is yet to respond to any of the comments (at the time of writing). 

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