Cryptor Raiders GameFi Project Receives $6M Round led by Defiance and Delphi –

Crypto Raiders announced $6m in funding to help the company aggressively stale the team (currently at 20). The

“A lot of NFT companies out there need to continually create and sell more NFTs to generate revenue. But with this funding, for the next two to three years, we can let all of the NFTs in our ecosystem be earned or obtained by players without us having to charge for them,” Nicholas Kneuper, Crypto Raiders CEO and co-founder, told CoinDesk in an interview.

Crypto Raiders is well documented as one of the gems in the NFT space and was Game of the year.

Learn more about crypto raiders here

we will share more details as they become available.  News broke on coindesk.

Crypto Raiders Timeline:

  • Affordable Launch on OpenSea (perfect at the time, likely not possible to do today)
  • Nostalgia art referencing the 16-bit era of RPGs
  • Build very strong community on discord
  • Realize that Layer 1 ETH would be difficult to innovate on, make the open and conscious decision to port to Polygon
  • Provide weekly updates on progress for initial game rollout
  • Launch Character Customization and Renaming
  • Update all character art for more consistent look and feel
  • Launch Gen 0 Dungeon with equitable items on chain
  • Launch first enemy combat dungeon with leveling
  • Continue providing weekly updates
  • Announce and Release additional Dungeons
  • Create a community music Competition for in game music
  • Create a mechanism allowing more players to join the game through recruitment events (next generation characters with slightly less  bonuses)
  • Introduce Governance Token ($RAIDER) and In Game Currency ($AURUM)
  • Airdrop Supporters a massive portion of governance tokens
  • Add staking capabilities for $RAIDER and $AURUM
  • Add Seasonal Dungeons (Halloween and Christmas)
  • Announce and Release MOBS NFTs as Airdrops for Token holders and Staked Rewards (in game enemies, allowing players potential gamification on both sides)
  • Announce plans to port to Unity
  • Announce Fishing Game as a way to earn in game rewards without risk of permadeath
  • Announce guilds (likely for Play to Earn aspects similar to axie infinity)
  • Introduce the ability to compete in Duels against other CR characters
  • Introduce Tournaments for players to compete for prizes
  • Announce another Airdrop for CR stakers with Mounts that will provide both in game and staking potential in the future
  • Announce innovation and Crypto Raiders World.
  • Introduce ways to spend $AURUM in game.  First, Dungeon Resets, followed by:
  • Dungeon Keys that give your raiders access to run extra dungeons! One dungeon key will allow one raider to run one extra dungeon. Keys do not expire.
  • Scrolls of Knowledge allows for a stat reset, giving your raiders a fresh slate if you need to respec. One scroll will allow one raider to respec. Scrolls do not expire.
  • and so much more….

This journey is just beginning, and we’re changing the landscape of how gamers play games, how studios build games, and what it means to truly OWN your digital assets. From passive MOBs earnings, to music royalties, to PvP contests, to on-chain passive farming, to open APIs; we are working hard to build a truly revolutionary ecosystem that straddles both web2 and web3 — bringing you, our community, the best of both worlds. Raid on! :sword1:

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