CryptoTwitter is still at war over the NFT derivative debate

Recently, a post stirred a debate over BAYC IP rights. Twitter user, @mattborchert initiated the debate as he talked about how the NFT project OxApes took advantage of BAYC IP rights and generated a whole new collection out of it.

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For the unknown, each BAYC owner also receives the Intellectual Rights (IP) rights of their NFTs. So they can choose to do

What was the whole debate about?

Basically, @mattborchert expressed his frustration via the tweet. Where he also said buying NFTs from such projects is supporting the wrong creators. Clearly, this presented us with both sides of the debate.

While @puntedDecision took a different stand and said, ‘let’s be clear here. This take fails to understand art & derivatives. derivatives add value to the originals. derivatives steal 0 dollars from the original. time to start thinking about these things differently; the old paradigm doesn’t work in an on-chain world.’

Simultaneously, @mintface wrote, ‘The simplest solution to this is trademarking imagery. Trademark infringement carries criminal penalties and tends to be more wide-ranging than copyright infringement. The ‘passing off’ test is a better criterion too.’

About OxApes

0xApes Trilogy is a collection of 10,000 NFTs. Currently, the trading volume of the collection is around 3.6K ETH and the floor price of the collection is 0.427 ETH.

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