Culture Vault – a new curated art NFT platform

Culture Vault is a new, artist-friendly curated creative agency that will launch its Web3 platform on February 3. In addition to this highly anticipated Web3 launch, Culture Vault will also host a physical-meets-digital exhibition – “The Future is Phygital” – in Sydney.

CV’s artist roster includes established names such as The Huxleys and Fallen Fruit

What’s Culture Vault?

Culture Vault provides crypto-natives as well as first-time NFT buyers a one-stop shop for acquiring exclusive digital assets. The agency is unique in that it works hand in hand with artists to create, mint and sell premium NFTs. In addition to curating and selling these digital collections, Culture Vault manages artists’ entire crypto journey. The company is also working with cultural brands to create exclusive NFT collections that expand the brand story.

An overview of the company’s Web3 launch

Culture Vault’s roster includes the Richard Bernstein Estate; Reko Rennie; Adam Briggs; Romance Was Born; Thea Anamara Perkins; Sebastian Leon; Fallen Fruit; Dylan Mooney; Serwah Attafua; Bianca Beer; Stephen Ormandy; Mona Chalabi; Dan Hong; and The Huxleys. What’s more – the Australian arts and cultural programming platform Arts-Matter is leading the curatorial direction.

What makes Culture Vault different?

Culture Vault’s CEO and Co-Founder, Michelle Grey, commented: “The excitement around NFTs is undeniable. Over the last year, we’ve seen an increasing number of artists and brands wanting to jump on the blockchain bandwagon. To date, finding high-quality digital art while trying to navigate crypto-technology can be frustrating and confusing.”

“Enter Culture Vault – a platform purpose-built to bridge the gap between the traditional art world and the crypto-community. We think Culture Vault has the unique ability to combine insider art-world knowledge and accessibility with a deep understanding of crypto technology and the D-gen community.”

A sneak peek of works by Gary Heery, Shantell Martin, Fearless Prophet & Stephen Ormandy that will be available as NFTs

“What’s exciting about Culture Vault’s collection of NFTs is that many of our artists – who hail from Sydney, New York, Los Angeles, Paris, London, Japan, and Africa – are offering physical and experiential assets in conjunction with their digital work,” said Susan Armstrong, the company’s Creative Director and Co-Founder.

“For example, some NFTs come with prints, paintings, sculptures and stickers; while others give purchasers unique experiences, bespoke commissioned artwork, 3D print files and physical sculptures. Embracing the “phygital” helps encourage mainstream collectors to explore the digital realm.”

The Future is Phygital

The agency’s first physical exhibition in Sydney- “The Future is Phygital” – will present NFTs created by 12 established artists. Digital artworks will be displayed on framed digital screens, enabling NFT enthusiasts to interact with the NFTs. Collectors can also purchase NFTs at the exhibition itself.

The launch of Culture Vault comes amid the art NFT boom. In 2021, NFT sales accounted for a third of online sales or two per cent of the art market – worth $2.7 billion. It is safe to say that in 2022 and 2023, more and more artists will see the benefits of using the NFT space to leverage their art careers.

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