Curio Cards: A look Back –


Minted May 9th 2017


Created by Travis Uhrig, Thomas Hunt, and Rhett Creighton

Original price: $.50 to $1 per card

Known as the first art NFT launched on the blockchain, this project was created by its founders as a means to pay artists for their work. Curio Card’s mission was bringing art to more people in the crypto space, and to nurture the exploration of said art. This project blazed a trail for the use case of nfts, and did so in a unique and original style. The collection features 7 different artists and is made up of multiple sets of 30 different cards. One of these sets of 30 was auctioned at Christie’s, in fall of 2021, for 393 Eth ($1,267,320 at the time of sale) almost 4 years after the original mint date. 

Each of the series is numbered 1-30 and the available supply in each collection is a range from 111 to 2k. In the collection, there are a total of 29.7k cards, with an estimated 4k currently lost or destroyed. The token standard of these cards predates the current versions and Curiocards has enabled a wrapper so these will be accessible and tradable on Opensea. The current floor price for Curio cards is .48 eth. 

The cards themselves are charming, and reminiscent of early childhood trading cards. Much different than their pfp successors, the artwork is numbered digital art featuring items such as apples, The Mona Lisa, and Bitcoin art. The 7 artists featured in the collections are Phneep, Cryptograffiti, Cryptopop, Robek World, Daniel Friedman, Thoros of Myr, Marisol Vengas

Many of these artists are still active in the digital and irl art space and have gone on to have collections of their own with much success. 


To view Curio Card’s current mission and ideals, visit their website here



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