CyberKongz Have an Anthem Now and it’s Already Available on Spotify

Amidst the Christmas carols this holiday season, CyberKongz released its official anthem, Kongz Rising, on Spotify!

CyberKongz is one of the biggest projects in the NFT space. As of press time, the total tradeable volume of the Genesis and Baby Kongz NFTs is 39,400 Ether or close to $147 Million based on OpenSea. In August, the project burned $4.65 million in 24 hours. So this is such a nice touch to engage the community.

CyberKongz Anthem Hits Spotify!

The 3 minute and 30 seconds perfectly capture the NFT project’s persona. It’s the perfect backdrop for CryberKongz rise from the turbulent NFT jungle. The anthem by Helium Smokes has only one word in the lyrics: Kong, mixed with percussion and EDM beats!

The release of Kongz rising has inspired playful banters on the project’s social media pages. One user joked, “Imagine some one casually finds this and has no idea what’s going on.” Overall, the community is happy with the new anthem and is excited about its actual utility, for example, as an intro to the CryptoKongz game.

Meanwhile, the team is also on the move to improve the visual experience of NFT holders. CyberKongz has announced that it has applied colored backgrounds to all its CyberKongz VX images. You can find a complete collection of the improved NFTs and high-quality renders here on the CyberKongz website.

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