CyberKongz post a teaser of their surprise game Play & Kollect

CyberKongz is due to release its new on-chain game ‘Play & Kollect’. There is now a teaser available for the upcoming game for fans to enjoy.

CyberKongz is releasing a new fully ON-CHAIN integration game called Play & Kollect.

In a tweet by @keung_io, he teases a short nine-second video that shows several Kongz standing on opposite sides of a room. It appears to show them in a gallery, and many people are excited about the prospect of this new game.

Play & Kollect will introduce Jungle Adventure. CyberKongz describes this as “a fully on-chain game on the Polygon network with almost no gas fees, 99.95% less in electricity consumption than a Proof-of-Work counterpart and almost no CO2 emissions”. The Kongz community is clearly concerned about the environment.

Play & Kollect will run over a series of seasons. Furthermore, each season lasts ten days. The objective of each season is to send CyberKongz VX in crews of one to five on jungle adventure runs to gather Kongium Ore.

Meanwhile, making it between one to five means you can work alone or with others. Also, you can redeem Kongium Ore for prizes like the seasonal $BANANA prize pool and many exclusive NFTs.

Finally, it is excellent to see CyberKongz so active and offer new community opportunities. It is a perfect example of an NFT project that puts the owners first and values them.

Many upcoming NFT projects should look to them as an example of how to be a success. It is going to be interesting to see how Play & Kollect works.

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