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To create a tight knit exclusive community which, through the funds of the investors is able to generate income, through majority based allocation of funds to crypto related projects, non-fungible tokens and so on and then reward holders on a monthly basis, through giveaways or the opportunity for investors to cash out a portion of the DAO.

Although we cannot promise financial gains, we can lay out a promise that 40% of the Primary Sales and 60% of the secondary sales will be redirected towards the community wallet, which will reward you as a holder and enable the ever growing community to prosper in the long term.

This focuses the notion of continuous reinvestment into the holders and the project, DAO Duck X.


This will ensure that the transition into the Metaverse and AR is streamline, and holders are able to yield rewards whilst the rendering and integration process is being undertaken.

What is the projects launch date?
Dao Duck X had it’s first Inception Day in November 2021, this included the release of the first 10/110 Genesis Ducks. To this day, we are currently in the process of selling these Genesis Ducks in batches of 10, whereby in order to claim one, you must solve a riddle and be on time to purchase one. So far, each sale has been selling out within minutes. The public mint is expected to occur on a date between 10 Feb 2022 and 20 Feb 2022, depending on the circumstances of the market, the success of our marketing efforts and the value we are going to provide our community. As founder, who is very meticulous about the work I do, it’s against my religion to release a product that has not yet been polished. As such, this will play a big role in determining the time of the drop, as I do not want to lose that momentum once Public Mint sells out. All work will be finished before the public mint.

How did you come up with the ideas?

I came up with these ideas through trial and error, my experience as an advisor in an NFT project which reached 27 ETH in volume in 2 months, analysing the countless NFT projects, what made them successful and what made them fail and then applying learnt knowledge to create a 5 element strategy which guarantees success to the project, even if one area does not operate as expected. This multifaceted approach ensures that the community is able to thrive in the short, medium, and long term sustainably.

On the topic of Dao Duck X’s main focus areas, they are: Hatching, Mutation, Exclusivity, Utility and Integration into the Metaverse.


What Makes this project unique?

  • The low total supply of 400 Ducks enables Dao Duck X to maintain a tight knit community which can continue developing and expanding regardless of the macroeconomic conditions.
  • Hatching the Egg of your Genesis Duck is something not many projects have achieved, this includes a feature in the ERC 721 smart contract that allows holders at the time of the Genesis Duck to enter the website, hatch the egg and then use that Hatched Daockling on the Metaverse.
  • Mutation involves exposing the duck to a Chemical Vial, which transfers it from the South Ponds (Where all the ducks hang out) to the North Ponds. This is achieved through a different art style and provides no other utility other than aesthetic pleasure.
  • 40% of the Final Sale Price goes towards a community wallet, and 5% goes towards marine preservation.


How Big is the team and what are their roles?

Mike (Founder) – Oversees the operations of the project, communicates with partners and engages the community.

Eddie – Lead Developer, manages the creation of the ERC 721 contract which includes all elements outlined above

Arthur – Artist, makes the designs and transforms them into reality via art.

Victor – Head of Collaborations and Marketing.

Moe – Moderator


What is the price? Why is that price fair?

The price of the Public Mint will be in the range of 0.082 ETH to 0.098 ETH. This is fair and equitable as it ensures that a sizeable contribution goes both towards the DAO (40%) and marine preservation (5%). Whilst leaving enough money on the table to finance all development costs for the Team.
The reason for the price of 0.081 ETH for Genesis, was because on average, 81 CM represents the smallest wingspan of a Mallard.

What is the Mint Size?

The public mint will include 299 Ducks, which takes into account 9 Genesis and 6 Guardian Ducks.

Are there any mechanics we should know about?

Hatching and Mutating Mechanism.

When you Hatch, you get to keep the Hatched Daockling and the original genesis duck. This is coupled with the mutation function, which ensures that you get to keep the original duck and the new mutated duck.

This furthers our reward incentive, which ultimately provides an incentive for original holders to receive 3 NFT’s for the Price of 1.



Just like a key, Dao Duck X gives you ownership of a digital asset within the metaverse, which is purely owned by you, you are no longer a renter on the internet, rather a distinguished owner.

As you can see, each genesis duck includes an egg by its side. Once Hatch Day occurs, these Baby Daocklings will be rendered via 3D modelling and made available to holders to navigate the metaverse and to trade their accessories via the virtual marketplace.

Not only do we plan to create a game in one of these metaverses, we will be closely watching developments in Decentraland, Cryptovoxels and Pixels and pursue all avenues possible to create a community to accommodate all 400 or more holders on these platforms, which have the capability to shape the future of the world within which we currently live.

In this community, we may face battles against other groups, using our Ducks and Daocklings to lead us to victory, and claim reign over the decentralized alternative reality.

Furthermore, we shall have a virtual marketplace where owners can buy, sell and trade their duck’s accessories for Ether or the native currency.

This further incentivises the community to interact with one another and truly value Ducks of a rare nature, which boosts value and thus floor price on our marketplace, being Opensea.


This also opens up room for growth, as individuals who are unfamiliar with our project are able to inspect its contents and community and eventually join the South Ponds Club.

As stated in our roadmap, accessibility is of utmost importance.

As such, those without a Duck will be provided with a common duck, of which there is an infinite supply.

Ultimately, this means that even those who may struggle to join the community, which is expected to hold a strong price floor, can assist with the economics of it by purchasing accessories on the marketplace and “swagging out” their common Duck’s.

Although to the avid reader, this may seem impossible. I strongly urge you to think about the late 90’s, when companies such as Google were established. Although their usefulness was subsumed by ignorance from the general community, its utility became the cornerstone of the internet of modern day and age.

To me it shows that we are on the cusp of something great, not only as a society, but as a community over at Dao Duck X, and I wish for us to remain at the forefront of any development so that we are able to learn from our mistakes and take advantage of an opportunity of a lifetime.


Links to discord, social, etc.

Website: https://www.daoduckx.com/

OpenSea Genesis Dao Duck’s: https://opensea.io/collection/daoduck

Instagram: https://instagram.com/daoduckx/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/DaoDuckX

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