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As DAOs become more popular and the future of work continues to evolve, those interested in participating and contributing to DAOs will need help understanding the ecosystem. Early adopters have either created DAOs themselves or been pulled into projects through their personal connections, and those experiences have led them to test the waters with other projects. Those new to web3 will need education, navigation, and tools to manage their experience.

DAOHQ is a DAO marketplace that aims to help with the discovery, maintenance, and investment of DAOs all over the world. I’ve been following DAOHQ for a while, and I had the opportunity to connect with their Co-founder, Emmet Halm for a quick conversation.

Tell us a little background on why you started DAOHQ.

We see DAOs as decentralized joint-stock companies on-chain. Historically, the joint-stock company was one of the most powerful inventions of the last two hundred years. We’re hopeful that DAOs will enable new kinds of international collaboration and economic opportunity. Despite this, DAOs are in their early days. To start, it’s difficult to find and research DAOs and even more difficult to invest and vote. For the average person, there are still too many steps to get involved, which is why we’re building DAOHQ. 

What are you working on today?

We are focused on building the product and the team. On a granular level, lots of outreach on LinkedIn & Discord to connect with full-stack & smart contract candidates. We’re building a tight-knit, mission-driven, relentless team that values speed, self-improvement, and integrity. On the product side, I’ll jump into our Figma files to provide design feedback and take user interview calls to see how people interact with our current product.

What are some exciting things on the roadmap?

Without giving too much away, we’re excited to be the first to provide a seamless mobile-first experience for DAO discovery, investing and voting. Most people spend more time on their phones than on their laptops, GenZ and Millennials live on their smartphones, and smartphones have a wider global reach. We are bringing the DAO experience directly to users where they are.

How will DAOHQ help people discover and contribute to DAOs?

Right now, you can explore over 1,000 DAOs on DAOHQ. We have a DAO-personality quiz to start your personal matching engine and give you a few DAOs that fit your goals and interests. We’ve also seen users take advantage of the sort by category feature. If you’re interested in investing in a DAO, you can trade directly from DAOHQ. If you’re looking to become a core contributor, you can follow the Discord links to connect with the core team.

Like most teams, DAOs generally follow the 80/20 rule: 20% of contributors drive 80% of results. This means eight out of 10 DAO members are investors and voters rather than developers. We’re building to make investing, voting, and joining communities easy. We’re also working with select DAOs to help them match talent to core contributor roles.

If you are curious about DAOs and want to learn more, DAOHQ provides a consolidated view of over 1,000 DAOs ranking them by token price and community growth. DAOHQ also organizes tips and market updates categorized by beginner, intermediate and advanced experience levels. If you already have a DAO, you can submit your DAO for inclusion in the marketplace.

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