Dapper Labs hand out free NFTs after their UFC drop is a total disaster

On January 23rd, Dapper Labs released an NFT collection called ‘UFC Strike’. The NFT collection, on the other hand, was a nightmare for its collectors because some collectibles contained a couple of bugs.

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Given that, the company will airdrop the “UFC Strike Moment” NFT to holders of bugged NFTs by January 31st. Along with this, Dapper Labs will issue a $50 Dapper Credit to each UFC strike NFT holder.

What went wrong with Dapper Labs “UFC Strike NFT”?

As mentioned, a bug was found in some items from the “UFC Strike” NFT collection. Specifically, the issue was associated with the pack-stuffing tool. As a result, “Champion Tier Moments” cards were not distributed properly in the packs.

So, the company made the following announcements :

  • Each pack that does not include a Champion Tier Moment will receive an airdrop of a randomized UFC Strike Moment. Interestingly, the random NFT will generate from a pool of 348 Champion Tier Moments. To summarize, packs that didn’t contain a Champion Tier moment will receive an airdrop by January 31st.
  • The $50 Dapper Credit can be easily applied to future pack purchases.
Holders should have their gifted Moment(s) NFTs by January 29th.

Concurrently, the second round of  30,000 “Fully Loaded” UFC Strike Sale NFTs will go on sale to the general public on February 7th at 2 p.m. ET.

The UFC’s public sale has been pushed back from January 31st to February 7th.
Image Credit: Twitter/UFC Strike

Previously, the UFC sold 100,000 “Fully Loaded” packs for $50 each. The launch also added 50,000 new subscribers in just four hours. In fact, the collection was so successful that it was ranked fourth overall in the $FLOW NFT rankings.

Regarding the UFC

The Ultimate Fighting Championship, or UFC for short, is a mixed martial arts promotion company based in Las Vegas, Nevada. Art Davie and Rorion Gracie founded them in 1993, and they were later purchased by the Fertitta brothers in 2001. It was later bought out by an investment group led by WWE/IMG in 2016. MMA has now grown to be a major sport all over the world, thanks to President Dana White.

Conor McGregor, Jon Jones, Khabib Nurmagomedov, and others are among their top fighters. These fighters have amassed millions of social media followers and have emerged as mainstream celebrities in their own right.

Now, the upcoming launch will also include regular pack drops, new moments from UFC’s past and present. Apart from this, the UFC will also focus on more athlete integrations and partnerships.

To learn more about the UFC Strike NFT collection, click here.


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