DappRadar Now Tracks Dapps on DEA Blockchain

Manga and gaming collide on newly integrated play-to-earn ecosystem

DappRadar, the World’s Dapp Store, has welcomed Digital Entertainment Asset or DEA to its blockchain and dapp ecosystem. DappRadar visitors can now discover all the dapps available in the DEA ecosystem, getting insights about active users and transactional volumes. 

DEA is a next-generation entertainment company that has a strong focus on play-to-earn gaming. They want to defy the conventional way of the era where people buy ‘fun’ and instead introduce the entertainment economy. 

At the center of the ecosystem, people will find DEAPcoin, a cryptocurrency that users can earn by participating, competing and playing on the PlayMining platform. Users can then use their earnings to hop on the DEP NFT Marketplace to buy extra game assets or NFT collectibles. 

This year DEA already introduced lending mechanics, allowing users to borrow NFTs in the game JobTribes. In addition, they expanded the reach of their product with the PlayMining NFT Premier marketplace on Binance Smart Chain. This for example allows more users to get their hands on NFT art from Japanese manga artists and illustrators. 

DEA will continue to collaborate with dapp developers and companies to create new dapps on the platform. We also invite visitors to discover DEA and its dapps on the DappRadar Rankings page. Currently, three games are playable, and more games will be added in the future, keep an eye on it! Make sure you check out PlayMining!

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