DappRadar X Oasis Network $500,000 Accelerator Program

10 Teams with access to up to $50,000 each

DappRadar is teaming up with Oasis Network to deliver a $500,000 dapp accelerator program. Over the next few months, DappRadar will introduce key developer communities to Oasis who will sign integration agreements with ten teams. Each of which will receive a grant of up to $50,000. Moreover, these initial ten teams will form the first batch of the Oasis X DappRadar Blockchain Accelerator Program.  

The partnership is designed to enable dapp developers to access the funds and technical know-how required to kick start projects. With the added benefit of becoming visible on the World’s Dapp Store once integration with Oasis Network is complete. 

The Oasis Network is the leading, scalable and privacy-enabled blockchain designed for open finance and a responsible data economy. Combined with its high throughput and secure architecture, the network can power private, scalable DeFi. Its unique privacy features can redefine DeFi and create a new type of digital asset called Tokenized Data that can enable users to take control of the data they generate and earn rewards for staking it with applications. 

DappRadar, now the World’s Dapp Store, is the leading dapp discovery portal with a solid community of engaged and progressive dapp developers looking to enhance users’ experiences. The Oasis x DappRadar accelerator program will provide engineering and marketing support to the chosen projects, who can use the grant to port over to Oasis, or build an entirely new project. The final goal is to have the dapps integrated into the Oasis network and available for the community to use. Priority will be given to projects building DeFi solutions but we welcome all submissions

Why the Oasis Network?

Aside from the grants on offer through the new accelerator program, there are many compelling reasons for dapp developers to choose Oasis as a platform on which to launch dapps. The Oasis Network is scalable and ideal for DeFi due to its instant finality, 99% lower gas fees versus Ethereum, high throughput, privacy protection, and defense against MEV. 

The network’s cutting-edge scalability features can help fix the high-transaction fees and slow throughput plaguing other Layer 1 networks. Combined, Oasis’ unique ability to provide scalable, private DeFi is expected to make it the leading platform for unlocking the next generation of DeFi use cases. Moreover, the network can process up to 1,000 transactions per second, compared to Ethereum’s 13.33 per second. 

The Oasis Network has a thriving community of node operators, developers, enterprise partners, ambassadors, and nearly ten thousand community members engaged in global social channels. At the same time, the Oasis Team is made up of talent from around the world with backgrounds from Apple, Google, Amazon, Goldman Sachs, UC Berkeley, Carnegie Mellon, Stanford, Harvard, and more committed to growing and expanding the impact of the Oasis Network.

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