Dark Frontiers RPG Offers a Taste of What’s in Store

Upcoming VR space survival RPG, Dark Frontiers, has provided an update for its highly-anticipated game. Consequently, a sneak peek at artwork, design sketches and out and out gameplay are all now available.

Following a successful bout of fundraising, the Dark Frontiers team set to work building their open world VR space escapade. And now, they are ready to provide a teaser as to what’s in store. So far, they have built out some highly atmospheric environments, with new footage demonstrating movement and battle mechanics. Check out the moon-based astronaut as it traverses the otherworldly habitat:

In addition, the folks in charge released a number of concept sketches and artwork, which will flesh out the cosmic ecosystem. With new planets, environments, bases, vehicles and spaceships all in the mix. All in all, there’s a lot to get excited about, and we can’t wait for the next update.

Dark Frontiers is a blockchain-based epic multiplayer open world VR experience. Gamers can choose a strategy narrative and build out an empire through hard graft and/or chicanery. Or alternatively, opt for the gung-ho route and battle anything and everything that crosses their path.

As well as the gaming aspect, a whole economic side is available. And as such, in-game assets are represented as tradable NFTs, and LAND ownership doubles as yield farming. All this, governed by the native $DARK token.

Read the full development update >> Here

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