Deadfellaz Discord Has Been Hacked

Deadfellaz is the latest NFT community whose Discord got hacked. Sadly it does seem that the hack affected a few community members. As a result, some people ended up losing either funds or NFTs. Fortunately, Deadfellaz now has the situation under control after briefly closing its Discord server to conduct an audit.

But what exactly happened and how can users protect themselves from these ongoing attacks in Discord?

Deadfellaz was celebrating some big news this week – like a merch drop with The Hundreds – before the Discord hack happened. Credit: Deadfellaz

Deadfellaz deals with “fake minting scam” in Discord

In short, it looks like some unlucky Deadfellaz community members fell prey to a fake minting scam in the Deadfellaz Discord.

To explain, this happens when scammers gain access to certain permissions in a Discord server. This usually happens through hacking a moderator or admin in that server. After gaining these permissions, the scammer can then post some kind of malicious link in the Discord.

According to some on Twitter, a scammer got access to Deadfellaz through one of its moderators. They then put a link to a fake minting site in the Deadfellaz Discord. Anybody who clicked on the link and connected their Ethereum wallet was then subject to losing whatever was in that wallet.

The Discord hack comes at the end of what was otherwise a great week for the Deadfellaz community. Indeed, it had recently dropped news about its upcoming Deadfrenz drop, as well as a merch release in partnership with The Hundreds.

Deadfellaz closed the Discord once the hack became clear. Earlier today, the Deadfellaz team tweeted that it had reopened the Discord after conducting an audit with the help of an “industry-leading security team”. What’s more, they promised to update the community on reimbursement plans shortly.

Zeneca is one voice on NFT Twitter constantly warning the community about Discord hacks and how to stay safe. Credit: @Zeneca_33 via Twitter

NFT Discords still subject to hacks despite ongoing warnings

Hacks like this one in the Deadfellaz Discord have been rampant in the NFT space for months now. To illustrate, NFT influencer Zeneca was one of the first to alert people to the Deadfellaz Discord hack. When he tweeted about it, he included a screenshot from his Discord server with details on how to stay safe. A screenshot from October 2021!

In spite of how many of these attacks have happened since then, it seems that there is still at least one major Discord hack every week. Just this month, before the Deadfellaz Discord, there were hacks in Fortune Friends Club, Alien Frens, and Little Lemon Friends. Given that, it’s good to repeat these safety tips often:

  • Never click links that talk about unannounced “stealth mints” from projects, whether in a Discord server or in your DMs on Discord. Unless a project has very clearly stated that it will do a stealth mint, then it’s almost certainly a scam.
  • Only click on links in official announcement channels in Discord or via Twitter. And even then, be extremely cautious.
  • Don’t trust announcements from bots in Discord servers. Important announcements almost always come from project founders or admins.
  • Disable DMs from server members. This setting is in the Privacy & Safety settings on Discord.

All in all, if something doesn’t seem right, it’s far better to play it safe than sorry. Missing out on a mint is nothing compared to having your entire wallet drained before your eyes. Unfortunately, some Deadfellaz Discord members have had to learn this the hard way.

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