Deadpool NFTs will Release as Real NFTs, after Veve’s Move to IMX

Christmas is coming early for all ye Marvel fanboys! Veve will be dropping Marvel’s Deadpool NFTs tomorrow at 8am PT. The drop will only be available on Veve’s iOS and Android apps. The market sentiment on this drop is very bullish, especially since it will be minted on IMX.

The blind box format will feature 5 collectibles with 5 different rarities, each priced at $50. This includes common, uncommon, rare, ultra rare, and secret rare. Buyers will not know which rarity they got until the purchase is completed.


Rare Deadpool ‘Candy Cane Combat’ NFT. Credit: Veve

Prior to the Deadpool announcement, the Singapore-based company has also dropped other Marvel NFTs such as Storm and Spider-Man. Veve has always operated on a somewhat closed ecosystem compared to other NFT collections on Ethereum. However, the company has recently migrated to Immutable X (IMX), a layer 2 Ethereum solution.  This creates many opportunities for the company and also their NFT holders.

Carbon Neutral NFTs

IMX allows users to carry out instant NFT transactions with zero gas fees. All NFTs here are carbon neutral and secured by the Ethereum mainnet. This is a significant upgrade compared to existing NFT platforms. Moving forward, Veve NFTs such as Deadpool will enjoy these features.

One of Veve’s main priorities is to be a green and carbon neutral NFT ecosystem. The company has donated $7 million to environmental non-profits for fundraising purposes. In addition, the company routinely purchases carbon credits to offset the amount of carbon dioxide used in minting NFTs. The IMX integration can simplify the entire process for Veve.

Who says blockchain projects need to harm the environment? Credit: Veve

The company has been re-minting their existing NFTs onto the IMX platform for the past 2 days. Yesterday, IMX proudly announced that they have achieved 100% migration. Therefore, the Deadpool drop will be one of the first Veve collections to be minted originally as a real NFT on the Ethereum blockchain.

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