Dmitri Cherniak, Who Sent NFTs to Random Wallets, Drops Dead Ringers: Edition

Canadian artist and coder, Dmitri Cherniak was in the news early this month after sending his NFTs to random wallets. Basically, he used an algorithm to generate a new artwork every day of January and sent the work to a random wallet address. Then, on January 31, he placed all the previous pieces in a 5 by 6 grid and sent it to a random wallet. Yesterday, he dropped The Dead Ringers: Edition, an edition of the final piece.

23,469 wallets were able to mint Dmitri Cherniak’s Dead Ringers: Edition. Credits: Dmitri Cherniak

All about Dmitri Cherniak’s Dead Ringers: Edition

Called ‘Dead Ringers’, Dmitri Cherniak dropped the NFTs to a wallet he randomly picked out of a possible 16 to the power of 40 available addresses. His idea, at the time, was to inspire people to “appreciate the vastness of the address space”. However, he knew it was unlikely that any of the wallet owners would actually collect the NFTs he sent out.

“For that reason, observers ascribed value to their scarcity and the odds of receiving one,” he said. “The Dead Ringers: Edition flips that notion on its head.”

Basically, he made editions of the final piece which any wallet could mint for 0.05 ETH. He capped the 24-hour timed edition at the size of 16 to the power of 40. This is the number of all possible Ethereum addresses. The sale closed a few hours ago, with 23,469 wallets minting Dmitri Cherniak’s NFT. The Ringers artist will donate all the proceeds to Food Bank for New York City, which provides food to New Yorkers in need.

“To celebrate Ringers birthday and its demise, Dead Ringers: Edition was minted 23,469 times over a 24 hour time period,” Cherniak tweeted. “[It] raised enough to support 16 million meals according to the calculator at the @FoodBank4NYC.”

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