DNABLOCK Aims To Develop Creator Community Tools After Raising $7M

DNABLOCK is charging ahead after closing its seed reed round and raising $7 Million. The company develops tools for Web3 creator communities, so the fresh funds will help its users bring their characters and stories to the metaverse.

DNABLOCK is empowering a new wave of creators to bring their characters and stories to the metaverse. Credit: DNA Block

Blockchain gaming, NFT, and metaverse champions Sfermion, Solana Ventures, Animoca Brands and Non-Fungible Labs led the round. SoftBank Group’s SB Opportunity Fund, LD Capital, Haobo Zhao, CMT Digital, Gaingels and more also participated. Meanwhile, previous seed round investors include Twitch co-founder Kevin Lin, Mike Shinoda and Spacecadet Ventures.

Exploring the Services of DNABLOCK

The company will use these funds to further scale and deploy Replikant, its flagship technology offering. This is the heart of their suite of services because it empowers key partners and creator communities to bring their characters to life. Additionally, DNABLOCK will establish an LA-based creator studio to launch new NFT talent and add several key leadership roles.

The flagship service of DNABLOCK allows users to create content with a few clicks. Credit: DNA Block

In terms of user experience, Replikant is an end-to-end 3D virtual production tool that allows a new class of creators to build, perform and publish at the speed of Web3. So it primarily targets distributed, pseudo-anonymous teams of musicians, artists, writers, producers and directors.

The service was able to attract the attention of NFT leaders because of its features and ease of use. Firstly, it provides completely customizable AAA-quality 3D avatars. It also offers very creator-friendly real-time animation tools that require no prior knowledge of 3D programming, so the barrier to entry is extremely low. Lastly, it has an expanding library of partner templates for music videos, cinematics and interactive experiences.

DNABLOCK co-founder and CEO Anthony Kelani shared the company’s vision for its services. He said, “We want people to feel something when they see their characters and NFTs come to life through Replikant.”

He added, “The next great franchise isn’t going to come from the top-down, fully formed and with fixed narratives. It’s going to come from the bottom-up with stories that NFT communities write for themselves. I’m particularly excited that this will surface a new generation of stars from a much more diverse roster of creatives than we’ve seen from legacy media.”

Reception of the Market

To demonstrate the speed and quality of Web3 content using Replikant, DNABLOCK released an original real-time death metal music video last December 2021. It was a mash-up of Bored Ape Yacht Club members Indigo Herz, Punk Gmoney, and Punk Courtney, all clad in Adidas Originals NFT sportswear.

Most recently, DNABLOCK used Replikant to create “The Catalyst,” an all-female supergroup of NFTs from the world of Treasure. Artists, producers and performers around the world worked in real-time to create a music video called Welcome to Bridgeworld. The piece celebrated the lore of one of the fastest-growing metaverses on the Arbitrum blockchain.

You can visit the company’s website to learn more about its services.

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