Dour Darcels Partners With Slam Jam For Fashion NFT Game

Fashion icon Dour Darcel, the popular cyclopean character from Darcel Disappoints and the Dour Darcels NFT collection, is back. This time, the distinctive characters return with an exciting fashion NFT blockchain game called ‘Dour Fits’. The first collaboration for the game is with Slam Jam, the cult fashion global streetwear brand, and will coincide with Milan Fashion Week.

Image of Dour Darcels NFT in fashion clothing
Dour Darcels has teamed up with Slam Jam for the first event in the new Dour Fits NFT fashion game.

Dour Darcels releases the fashion NFT game Dour Fits.

Launching to coincide with Milan Fashion Week, Dour Darcels will unveil ‘Dour Fits’, their new blockchain game. The game has been developed with an experienced team, including former Apple Games Editor Adam Johnson.

Basically, the game allows NFT holders to style their NFT Darcel and compete in events to win digital clothing tokens and physical clothing for their Dour Fits wardrobe. Interestingly, the winner of each event is selected by the wider Dour Darcels community.

Slam Jam is the first event in Dour Fits

The first event in this new Dour Darcels fashion NFT game is a collaboration with Slam Jam. Founded in 1989 by Luca Benini, this streetwear brand has a unique style and uses inspiration from art, music, and clubbing to create brilliant underground streetwear clothing. Previously, they have worked with Nike, Levi’s, and AC Milan.

The winner of the Slam Jam event will receive seven Slam Jam x Dour Fits NFTs that is exclusive and reflective of the clothing brand’s style. The winner will also receive physical versions of the NFT.


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