Building upon the existing relationship, the first NFT gallery in the hospitality industry now expands to the East Coast, underscoring the Dream Hotel’s commitment to innovation and artistry 

  • The Crypt Gallery at DREAM DOWNTOWN Launch Party
  • Where: 355 W 16th ST NY 10011
  • Monday: 6/20 VIP 6pm-9pm Open 9pm -11pm 
  • Tuesday 6/21 Open 7pm-11pm
  • Register here

NEW YORK, June 20, 2022 – On Monday, June 20th, Dream Downtown, a luxury, lifestyle boutique hotel known for its renowned nightlife and dining venues, will launch a physical NFT exhibition in partnership with The Crypt Gallery. With over 70 displays embedded throughout the hotel’s main lobby areas and Swing Room, guests visiting both Dream and its neighboring venue spaces have the opportunity to experience digital art in one of the largest permanent NFT galleries to-date. Open 24/7 and with constantly rotating curations, Dream Downtown is NYC new hot spot for discovering some of the most well known digital artists, rising talent, largest collectors and major community projects. 

The partnership between Dream Hotels and The Crypt Gallery originally was established almost a year ago at the Dream Hollywood for the property’s NFT exhibit launch in July 2021. Blending the physical with the metaphysical, the concept of creating in real life experiences, connections and memorable moments while engaging in digital art purchases or exhibitions was imagined by King of Midtown, a NYC-based art collector turned innovator in the NFT space and founder of The Crypt Gallery. 

Since the opening in Hollywood, the property has hosted multiple events and activations with The Crypt Gallery, including live art drops, community gatherings and guest appearances from celebrities like Ice Cube and Liam Payne. This new NFT exhibit at Dream Downtown expands upon the existing partnership, furthering Dream Hotel’s dedication to forward-thinking programming and creativity.

With a two day launch event to celebrate their NYC partnership, The Crypt Gallery has collaborated with SuperRare, a pioneering marketplace for unique curated NFT artworks, to host one of the largest NFT NYC events of the week. Over 60 of some of the top grossing and most talented artists in the industry will be showcased during the event week and also attending the launch party including Six n Five, Vhils, DotPigeon, Nessgraphics, and Archan Nair.

To highlight the event week, Chevrolet announced their entry into the Web3 space through the creation of a one-of-one Corvette Z06-inspired NFT artwork created by Xsullo, which will be auctioned off on SuperRare and showcased in Dream Downtown. Focused on ‘bringing the digital marketplace to life’ The Crypt Gallery will showcase the art piece and display bids streaming in live, as well as highlight the artist and about the project. The auction winner will receive the digital NFT of “Own The Color” and a physical one-of-one Corvette. Proceeds will be donated to DonorsChoose, a charity that provides public school teachers with funding in STEM education and classroom resources.

Bridging the gap between physical and digital, other main highlights of the event nights include displaying Whisbe’s notorious Vandal Gummy statue, live art performances by Rob Prior, a legendary comic book illustrator that paints simultaneously with both hands, and Ryan Benjamin, a professional cartoonist behind both Marvel and DC Comics and guest appearance from Pussy Riot’s Nadya.

“Art and originality are ingrained in the very fabric of Dream Downtown,” explained Randy Toarmina, Vice President Operations at Dream Hotel Group. “We’ve always viewed the hotel as a cultural hub to introduce guests and visitors to a variety of artists, from our custom American Flag Beer Can Wall created by Patrick Marando to our roster of pop-up galleries, including GirlKnewYork, Saatchi Art and Mobe. This installation with The Crypt Gallery ushers in the next wave of art programming that we can’t wait to share.”

“At a time when both traditional society and the digital art community calls for leadership and innovation, we are excited to be growing The Crypt Gallery” shares Founder King of Midtown. 

“By bringing our friends along for this journey, we are able to showcase those who have also helped build the NFT space. My vision for The Crypt Gallery was always to bring artists, collectors and fans together for in person interactions and experiences, focused on organically fostering relationships in the community and educating a new audience. Given the cultural surroundings of NYC, the Meatpacking District, brands located in the area and their passion for both art and creativity, we are eager to grow our relationship with Dream Downtown, where we hope to become a central hub for NFT education, exhibitions, culture and IRL events.”

The NFT gallery at Dream Downtown is just one of the many tech-forward initiatives in the brand’s pipeline that taps into current trends and interests to create unique experiences for its guests. On June 24th, Dream Hollywood will announce the launch of its Social Club Membership program, purchasable exclusively via NFT and blends real-world activations with Metaverse events, created by artist Perry Cooper. A similar program will follow at Dream Doha in Qatar after its opening later this year. 


For more information on Dream Downtown and the NFT gallery, visit https://www.dreamhotels.com/downtown and follow along on social at @DreamDowntown




About Dream Downtown

Dream Downtown is a New York City lifestyle hotel with an emphasis on service and after-dark possibilities. Extraordinary in design and unique in character, the hotel offers everything today’s urban traveler seeks, including: 315 loft-style guest rooms and suites; a glass-bottom rooftop swimming pool; on-site Benjamin Salon, and dynamic restaurant and nightlife offerings operated by longtime partner and world-renowned TAO Group. Guests can revel in a variety of different cuisines and experiences, including PHD Rooftop Lounge, The Electric Room, Bodega Negra, The Beach, and Philippe Downtown. For more information on Dream Downtown or to book a stay, please visit https://www.dreamhotels.com/downtown and follow @dreamdowntown on Instagram. 


About Dream Hotels

Dream Hotels are individually curated properties that together comprise a unique narrative. The brand is underwritten by a design philosophy that is both surreal and contemporarily chic. Located in the United States and abroad, the design of each property is informed by its locale and taken to Dream status by a pool of world-renowned architects and interior designers. The result is a stay experience well-suited to the discerning traveler who seeks comfort in a truly cosmopolitan atmosphere. For more information, visit www.dreamhotels.com.


About The Crypt Gallery

Founded by King of Midtown, a collector, leader and innovator in the digital art community, we are the first NFT gallery in the hospitality industry. Bringing the digital marketplace to life, guests can experience IRL (in real life) events and participate in live auctions, art drops and secondary market sales. 

 Emphasizing education and building organic, meaningful connections, both King of Midtown and The Crypt Gallery have developed relationships in multiple industries with the aim of increasing mainstream exposure and involvement in the NFT community.

 Our mission is to unlock the future of human creativity — by hosting live interactive events that bring digital artists, collectors, communities and fans together.  

For more information on The Crypt Gallery, please visit our website here and follow @the.crypt.gallery on Instagram. 

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