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When we started our journey into NFTs and began building NFTeducation.org we had no idea that so many of the artists we admire would eventually become our friends.  ENICOLL is an amazing artist that is active in various communities and works hard to support the culture of nfts thrive. She’s an incredible ambassador to the space and we’re thankful to finally get to do an interview with her.

ENICOLL, thank you for agreeing to the interview! Please tell us about yourself!

I’m a Canadian digital and 3D artist, and the founder of Aquaregia Records. I’ve been creating art for as long as I can remember, and started to do so in a more professional capacity when I started my own record label, in 2015. This is when I really dove into the digital realm of art, creating cover artwork for all the releases. I used a mixture of photography, illustration, painting and photoshop, and more recently, I learned the 3D software Blender, which is how I developed my current style that you see in my NFTs.

I’m obsessed with the duality of hard and soft and this comes through in all my work – both in my personal artwork that I mint as NFTs and in the label’s art and music direction. I often play with the traditionally delicate and feminine subject of flowers, and impose a rigidity and hardness to them through my modelling and textures.

Currently my work is available on Foundation, Hic et Nunc/Teia and Opensea and I’ve recently been accepted to two other platforms so I am looking forward to reaching new collectors there in the near future.

What projects are you currently working on? 

My most recent body of work is a collection entitled “Pellucid Petals”, available on OpenSea, with the newest mints in the series being Nectar and Bordeaux. Pellucid Petals is an ongoing collection of animated glass flowers where each new piece features a unique hand-modeled 3D blossom. The works usually exhibit a monochromic palette to keep the focus on the form and reflections.

The collection will have a maximum of 20 flowers, each with 5 editions available at a primary price of 0.05 eth. A big thank you to all the collectors who have added a Pellucid Petals piece to their collections so far!



 What is your favorite thing to do on a weekend?

Make art all day then chill and DJ with friends until morning. Music is where I draw the most inspiration and am definitely a night owl so I love using these hours to recharge on my creativity and to get inspired.

 One thing you cannot live without?

My computer. I’m perfectly happy sitting on my computer for literally every waking minute of my day. I can do everything I need to – create art, collect art and dig for music.

 If you could travel anywhere in the world where would you go?

While there are so many new countries I’m dying to travel to, right now the #1 place I’m itching to get back to is Berlin. I lived there for just over a year pre-pandemic and I’m missing it and my German friends so much right now. Never thought I’d be stuck away for so long and I’m in dire need of a proper night and day at Berghain.

 Who is your favorite artists (Non NFT)?

Ernst Haeckel – My all-time favourite artist, who is actually a scientist from the 1800s. He’s well known for his zoology textbook illustrations, most famously in Kunstformen der Natur – they are absolutely stunning.

Lawren Harris – Canadian artist and member of the Group of Seven. His works are so memorable for me. Every time I’d visit the Art Gallery of Ontario as a kid his landscape paintings of mountains were always striking and awe-inspiring to me. They were so simple and bold and unforgettable.

Hajime Sorayama – His sexy robots are so epic. I definitely take a lot of inspiration from his artwork as well – the warm femininity of his figures contrasted with stark cold metal.

 Who is your favorite NFT artist?

Alexis Andre – Alexis is a generative artist living in Japan. His three Playground projects, Void, Messengers and Obicera, on Art Blocks are my absolute favourites by him. I managed to collect a piece from each collection in “From the Forge”, which I’m thrilled about as it’s my favourite of his palettes.

Alexis André

Femiki – Femiki is an illustrator and pixel artist based in Vancouver. She has lots of work on HEN as well as some beautiful 1/1s on FND. Super in love with her style. It’s so unique and I love the subtle dark vibe to her works.

Jason Ebeyer – Jason is my absolute favourite 3D artist. So happy to own a bunch of his Nifty Gateway pieces and one of his SuperRare 1/1s. His characters are literal perfection. I love the stylized and exaggerated look he gives them and am obsessed with how unique his style is and how much emotion is conveyed in the works.

 What made you pursue NFT art?

The way I fell into NFTs was serendipitous and in large part thanks to my music endeavours. I had been following a bunch of 3D artists and animators while looking for visual artists to work with my record label. We ended up commissioning a piece from Fvckrender for the label at the end of 2020, right before NFTs became huge. Through following all these artists, I became exposed to the crypto art scene and was fascinated. I’d never invested in crypto or anything of the sort prior to this, but I liked the idea of owning something digital and that is what pushed me to purchase my first NFT in Jan 2021, which then catalyzed my collecting addiction. The pandemic practically killed the music industry, with touring being impossible, meaning I had way more time on my hands to create art, so naturally I started minting my work. While my collecting journey began on ETH, I actually released my first NFTs on Tezos via HEN. I had an instant connection to HEN as the tight-knit community and underground vibe reflected my roots in the underground techno scene. After a few months of finding my bearings as an artist in the NFT space, I expanded out and began releasing some pieces on Ethereum.

 What is the one piece of NFT art you wish you had purchased but missed out on?

So many early Art Blocks mints. I have a couple plain Squiggles by Snowfro, but if I had been there at mint I know I would have slammed the minter repeatedly until I got all my favourite rares – hyper, bold, and a cute fuzzy one.

Where can Collectors learn more about you and your work? 


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